Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everything Should Starts at Home

Posted by Cecile at 12/02/2010 05:05:00 PM
Finally after three years, our problem with our son not eating as much as he should have was solved. We have found a best weight gain supplement that helps his appetite back. This children's multi vitamin had boost his appetite, thus making him eat a lot! Now is he finally gaining weight without those calories from ice cream and shakes his pediatrician recommended. I serve him lots of veggies, fruits and meats for a healthy balanced meal. Indeed, you are what you eat. And your kids will eat whatever you serve them. I don't believe on preparing special meal for your kids, just so they will eat. Good eating habits starts at home and parents are good example for kids to follow including the foods we eat. The result, my son eats variety of foods from Asian to Mexican foods.


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