Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sprinkle It and Lose Weight

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I have been trying to lose weight since I was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. But unfortunately, none of the methods I tried worked. I tried pad diet, pills, exercise and more. Just now, I read online about the new product called sensa. This is not a pill or anything like that. It is all natural according to what I have read. This sensa weight loss is like a salt or pepper. You just need to sprinkle it to your foods and walla, you are on your way to losing unwanted weights. I will definitely try this one with the hope of getting the same results they got from using it. What I really like the most about it is that I don't really need to avoid anything....for this weight loss product can help me lose weight and eat my favorite foods at the same time without any limitations. Great isn't it?

To Keep It Fresh

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My father has been smoking for years now and we are worried for his health. He tried to stop smoking but to no avail. My mother did the best he could to help him, but somehow he always manage to find way to get his hands on cigarettes. Plus trying to stop him starts the fights and misunderstanding, so I told my Mom to stop and let him do what he want to do for his health. He is no a kid anymore....he can choose to stop or ruin his health. His choice.... his health. Anyway, talking about smoking, when I was looking for some kid of smoking device to help with his smoking, I saw a cigar humidor. I bet this item is being use by people who smoke cigar. They keep their cigars to humidor to keep it away from drying, stay fresh and moist. Isn't this cool? If they would make one that would filter the nicotine...it would be very useful for smokers health.

Our Grand Summer Vacation

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Three years ago, my family and I had a grand summer vacation before leaving Virginia. It was the week of my birthday when we when to Virginia beach and Cape Hatteras Island in North Carolina. The first three days was spent in Virginia beach where we had so much fun playing on the beach, swimming, wading and enjoying seafood. The next four days were spent in the island of Cape Hatteras and OckraCoke where we almost stayed in one of the Outer Banks rentals. I said almost because the rentals are all fully book. The only place that has available space for us was a hotel. We still had fun though. Someday, we plan on going back to the island again, and this time we would make sure that we stay in outer banks rental.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Time: Fun at The Beach

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It is almost summertime, and we are about to face the heat in Texas. The time where I miss the beach the most! We love going to the beach and these photos are taken during one of our vacation in Virginia Beach, VA. Though it took us two hours to drive to the beach...we still go went there to cool of and relax and have fun as family. Here in Texas, we are really far away from the beach that is why we just enjoy going to the pool.

Jake having fun playing with the waves....
with Daddy....
with Mommy....
and Daddy and Jake before leaving the place.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nostalgia: My Single Days!

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Missing those days when I was still single working overseas. With me are few of the Pinoys I met during my stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia together with my Aunt (on the right).

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Monday, March 14, 2011

National Kidney Month - March

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I didn't know that this month is National Kidney Month. I felt terrible! Being a transplant recipient, I think I should know it, don't you think! Anyway, it isn't too late; is it? I'd like to celebrate it and show my appreciation by writing about it on my blog. I was diagnosed with a renal disease in 2005. I was on dialysis for eight months and then had been blessed with a kidney from a donor which we never met for they wanted to remain anonymous. I still want to thank them in person someday. If not for the generous donor, I would probably in very bad shape! The Lord knows me well enough to give me a second life to share with my own family...and I am enjoying every minute of my life with gratitude and humility. Three months ago, I have had my first rejection; once again thanks to God who helped the doctor stop the rejection and it did! I will forever be grateful to my doctor, Dr. Lerman, to the donor and most of all to God who gave me life!

March is National Kidney Month, and March 10, 2011 is World Kidney Day. DaVita has teamed with The Kidney TRUST, an organization that aims to benefit the estimated 31 million adults living in the United States who have chronic kidney disease (CKD), as well as the 550,000 Americans with end stage renal disease (ESRD) who need dialysis or a kidney transplant, to help raise awareness about kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease develops when kidneys lose their ability to remove waste and maintain fluid and chemical balances in the body. The severity of chronic kidney disease depends on how well the kidneys filter wastes from the blood. It can progress quickly or take many years to develop.

More than 31 million adults in the US - one in six - have chronic kidney disease and most of them are not even aware of it. Often there are no symptoms until kidney disease reaches the later stages, including kidney failure.

I am sharing this article to help people be aware of their health especially to take good care of their kidneys.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Oral Hygiene

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I know now how important oral hygiene is. Just two months ago, I was diagnosed with advanced gingivitis and I was devastated! I didn't know how it happened. I have been brushing, flossing and rinsing my teeth with mouthwash, but I still got it! The only reason I can think of is that I haven't seen a dentist for a couple of years now. Hubby had the same problem that is why we went looking for local de​ntist of​fices​ near the area where we live now.Good thing there is one very close to our house. We went and have our teeth taken care off. The week after spring break will be my next appointment. I am glad my teeth and gum doesn't hurt anymore...and the bleeding is gone, too! So, I learned that brushing or cleaning your teeth is not enough; you still need to see a dentist regularly.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nostalgia: My Immediate Family

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I decided to join this meme once again. I know it's been awhile since I posted my last entry here. The reason I stopped is that, I wasn't sure if I have enough photos to share...but I was wrong and here am I again back in the circulation...joining lots of meme once and for all, lol! Anyways, I felt nostalgic when I saw these photos from my niece facebook that was taken on New Years Eve. I just wished I was there...but I couldn't! I live miles away from them and it would cost us a lot of money just to be there. Good thing we planned on seeing them this summer; I couldn't wait. I am excited because it would be the first time thatmy family and Matt are going to meet for the firs time!

From Left: Ama, SIL-Mary Ann, Inang, Maureen, Camille, Ara, Karla, and Bro. Efren. The one wearing violet on the bottom picture is my other bro. My third bro. is not present for he lives with his wife in Mindanao.

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A Clawfoot Tub for A Change!

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When we were shopping for upgrade for our new house, we decided to put a garden tub in the master bathroom for we want the bath tub to be bigger than the standard tub the contractor are putting in the houses they are building. It costs us a little bit more but that was okay. It was worth the money, anyway. We are glad we did it!

I was wondering why the contractor didn't include the clawfoot tub as one of the options. It would be nice if they have it at the showroom, and maybe we could have chosen it instead of the garden tub. Oh well, maybe someday for a change, we would replace the tub with a clawfoot tub. And I would like the one seen here.

Thank You, Nurse Kenyon!

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Last night, I had the chance of changing the the dressing of hubby's wound caused by the surgery done four days ago at the hospital. I was nervous because I have never done that before. Thank goodness the nurse showed me how to clean the would and change the dressing otherwise I wouldn't dare do it! I did everything she told me and it was a success. After that, hubby said" thanks nurse Kenyon." For a little while there I felt like I was a nurse! It feels good. Yup, it was one of my dream to become one someday. Anyway, I'll be changing the dressing for a couple of weeks...hopefully it would heal faster and without any problem. The would should be healed from inside out just like the abdominal surgery I had after the I gave birth to my son six years ago.

New Bed For Guestroom

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This morning while watching my favorite show "Closer", there was an advertisement from a furniture store. They were having a clearance sale on all furniture from dining from set to living room set. They also have on sale the signature furniture endorse by Cindy Crawford. I really like the style of furniture Cindy is endorsing because they are the type I an passionate about which is modern furniture. In fact, most of our furniture are modern; the only one that is not is the one in our guest room. Hubby has been telling me many times that he wanted to replaced it because it is hurting his back whenever he sleeps on it. I said that maybe it needs a new mattress instead. I told him that it is still in pretty good shape and our guest can still use it. Maybe if he is patient, when we have enough savings, then we would replaced it with the one he saw at that furniture store, hopefully the store still has it when the time comes.

Low Carb Corned Beef and Cabbage

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For those who are diabetic like me and hubby, this is a dish that is perfect on celebrating St. Patrick's Day! This is one dish that would help you enjoy the it without worrying on your blood sugar. We love this dish and so....we make sure that we have it for our St. Patrick dinner. Try it...for you sure love it, too!



4 cups Hot Water
2 tbsp Cider Vinegar
2 tbsp Splenda
1/2 tsp Pepper — Freshly Ground
1 Large Onion — Cut Into Wedges
3 lb Corned Beef — 1.5kg With Spices
1 Cabbage
Cored And Cut into 10 Wedges

Cooking Instructions:

In a 6 quart - 6litre crock pot, combine the water, vinegar, splenda, pepper, and onions, mixing well.
Place the corned beef into the mixture.
Cover and cook on high heat for 4 hours.
Remove the lid and scatter the cabbage wedges over the top.
Cover and continue cooking on high 3 to 4 hours longer, or until the beef is tender.
To serve, carve the beef into slices and serve with the cabbage, with some of the cooking liquid spooned over the beef to keep it moist.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Job He Wants

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When hubby was still looking for a job a couple of years ago, there were plenty of management jobs available. I suggested that he try to apply to see if his luck was in that kind of job. His response was "I am not good in dealing with people or even managing them". So, his decision is final. He doesn't want a job that has something to do with leading people/employee. In fact, he turned down the managerial job offer once in his old job before the company closed. Oh well, I think you cannot really force someone into doing something he doesn't really want to do, otherwise he wouldn't be happy no matter how much he is going to get paid for.

Doctor's Visits and Etc....

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It has been a busy week for us so far. With all the doctor's appointments hubby and I went to for the past three days, we are both exhausted! The commute itself was very tiring not to mention the long wait at the doctor's office. I am just glad it was all over... or now. Next week is another. This coming Monday is his schedule for an umbilical cord surgery and if the cyst on his back settled down before that day, they would remove that, too! We are hoping that both procedures can be done the same day. Otherwise it would be another trip to the OR for the cyst and the boil removal. Good thing we have good health care provider we can rely on when it comes to our health.

Living A Pioneer Life

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I am always fascinated with a log house and wished that someday we would own one. I would like to have one that looks exactly like the one I saw on the movie "Tuck Everlasting". It would be nice to live like that for once. No modern appliances, electricity, internet, telephones and etc... Hubby and I loves living a simple, but happy and peaceful life....away from a city life. We'd like to make our own log furniture, hunt for foods, make our own clothes, eat our own harvests and such! Yeah, we want to experience a pioneer life! It would be exciting, challenging and humbling experience for us.

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