Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yoga Clothes for ME!

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I have never tried yoga before, but I think next time I exercise, I'll just do yoga. I know I can lose weight if I do it. Need to give it a try to see if it s for me. Anyway, back in CA, my cousin's husband used to do yoga ta home. He really did lose weight. I was wondering if I could buy women's yoga clothes for me. How about you? Are you looking for some yoga clothes? Then, you need to click for mens yoga clothes. Who know, you might be able to find the yoga clothes you are looking for.

Used Guitars for My Nieces

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Wow! I didn't know that you can buy used guitars at musicians friend. I thought they only sell new musical instruments; but I was wrong. They do sell used musical instruments for an affordable price. I am thinking of getting my nieces used guitar instead of a brand new one, that way I can save money. And with the savings I will get, I can still buy something they would enjoy playing with their guitar. Yes, I am all about deals and bargains for it saves me money.

Where to Get Clarinet's Case

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I really want to surprise my nieces with a new guitar or maybe even a clarinet. My four nieces love music. They can sing and dance to the music they love to sing. I love watching them play an organ, a guitar and etc. Anyway, I think I know where to get a case for their new guitar. I can get it at a store where they sell classic clarinet case at guitar center.  It would be nice if I can get my son a clarinet so he could learn to play it this summer break. It will keep him busy and occupied. What do you thin?

Friday, June 21, 2013

They Could Use a Cleaning Services

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My brother in - law and his wife both work outside home. They are pretty busy on top of having two young children who rely on them for everything. They need to manage their time wisely, and so they don't have much time to spend cleaning their house and even their yard. I remember my mother in - law once mentioned that they relied on cleaning services to have their house cleaned. It really worked for them until my brother in - law lost his job 3 years ago. They stopped the services. Now, that he is working again, they could use a raleigh cleaning service  since they live around Raleigh area.  I would really love to have my house cleaned one of these days, too! Wouldn't you?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Protecting Our Vehicles

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Summer is the hottest time of the year where I live....actually the hottest place in United Sates. The reason why I stay inside most of the time, except when we go swimming at the community pool. I really need to protect myself from heat especially being a transplant patient.. Anyway, we need carcovers, too to protect our vehicle from getting overheat during summer when it is park on our driveway. I have to check online if I can find good deal on car covers to save some money for our trip to NM this August. Car covers are a must for cars that are park outside the garage, don't you agree?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Save on Your Hotel Stay this Summer

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In August, we will be traveling to my in - law's place to attend their 50th wedding anniversary.  I am really excited because that will be the only time where we would be out of town this summer. Meaning, we do not have any exciting activities coming up this summer break. I just wish we could go to Grand Canyon on the way there or on our way back home. But oh well, our budget didn't allow us to do that since we will be give our share for foods and other preparations for my husband's folks golden anniversary. Yes, our budget is tight because of that. Which means, we will need to book our hotel stay at book cheap hotels online. I am so glad because it will save us not only time, but also money.  There are not much hotel in Los Alamos, so we will need to stay at Santa Fe, NM; and I know I can count on the website (link provided here) for a cheap, but comfortable in the heart of Santa Fe. We love that city! I remember staying there for our honeymoon where my in - law's made a reservation for us.

On this website, making a reservation/booking is a lot easier than other company. I love that I can compare rates, amenities and etc...making it easier for me to budget my money without compromising the things I want for a place to stay while traveling for business or pleasure.I can even get great rates for rooms near the mountains, city center, ocean, and even countryside. What more can I ask for? This website is amazingly great! Traveling all over United States for us easier, enjoyable, and memorable. I can even book my hotel for our trip overseas next year! I will surely recommend this website for families and friends for their next trip anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Friend's Private Plane

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A friend of mine's husband loves to fly. He own a personal plane. It would be nice if one of these days we could experience flying with him. Anyway, I am pretty sure that he spends a lot of money maintaining it on top of fuel usage. I don't know much about aircraft and things like that, but I know for sure that at one point in time he has been to aircraft hose distributor to buy a fuel hose for his private plane. He probably get great deal or savings going there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crowded Swimming Pool

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Before we know it, summertime is already here. Kids will be all excited to go swim. I for one would love to soak up myself in the swimming pool. So glad we have a swimming pool in the neighborhood where we live in. It is clean, new and doesn't have plenty of people on the swimming pool especially early in the morning. I like the pentair pool lights they have installed in the swimming pool. Makes me go swim when the sun is down. The only thing when I go swim at night is that, there are man people in the pool, and the water is already warm. Hope that someday, the neighborhood will build another swimming pool on the other side of the neighborhood, that way, the people will have to stay on their side. That would solve the problem of a crowded swimming pool at night. And we can all enjoy swimming.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Church Microphones Sound Great!

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Our microphone here at home can use a pop filter because it doesn't sound good especially with the 'p' and 'b' consonants. It would be nice if it could filter these two letters, that way it will sound better especially when we use it to sing. Those microphones at church I supposed have pop filter because of the good sound of them when we use it during church meetings and services. I really enjoy listening to the speakers even to the choir when their sing in front of the congregation.

Get Inetsoft Operational Bi

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To those who have big companies, warehouses and operational data stores to name a few, I am sure they need  inetsoft operational bi to help them especially when they encounter difficulties on leveraging that data to yield insights that can improve corporate performance. Having this important software, their businesses would get help such as: Explore data with self service solutions, Connect easily to existing data sources, Meet your ROI goal, Scale to meet the needs of the organization, and so much more. So, if you are one of them, you should try this software, you will be glad you did!

Antique Stereo Stand

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During our trip to my in laws in between Christmas and New year, we got the chance of helping them rearrange few of their furniture. They are old and couldn't lift heavy stuffs anymore. So glad we could be of help to them every time we visit them. Anyway,  their pretty nice antique stereo stand looks great! I bet if we sell it to the antique collector it would be worth at least a couple of thousand dollars or even more! I love it! I wonder whether they have plan of selling it or just give it to one of their three children. Who knows, they would give it to us, lol....crossing my fingers here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playing Pretend Band

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Music is one of the things I enjoy in this life. I love to sing, learn to play musical instruments, and dance in the tune of my fave music. I think that my son inherited this trait from me. He also loves to pretend that he was in a lot a lot of times. I wonder if we  buy ez drummer at GC for him, would he play it? No doubt, he would. A friend of him might enjoy playing a guitar with him as he plays the drummer. I've seen these two played a pretend band and they crack me up! Love these boys.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Her Business Needs Help!

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My sister - law has a small business that operates in NC. that hasn't been thriving since she started it 5 years ago. I really think she needs a business advisor like the one from  
Carson Thorn CPA in Raleigh. They can help him with her business to grow and flourish. Not making any money with any kind of business, be big or small is not good. So, having a business advisor is very important to ones own business to survive. I wonder if my sister - in law has one already; because if she doesn' is time for her to get a business advisor once and for all...or her business is going to close soon.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gucci Sunglasses for my Birthday

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I am a very frugal person. I don't buy thing unless it is really necessary. And even then, I still looks for one that is affordable and durable at the same time. Like every woman, I like to own a branded stuff such as sunglasses, clothing, purse, and shoes. So, when I really want one, I save for it. One of the things on my wishlists was a Gucci sunglasses. I wonder if there is one I can afford at  gucci sunglasses from I better check on it. Who knows, I might get one for my birthday next month. Or I'll ask hubby to buy one for me :-).

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Keyboards at Home

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We really want Jacob to learn to play piano, not only because I, myself didn't get the chance of learning to play, but also he shows an interest on it by playing on keyboards we bought him for Christmas a couple of years ago. So far, he hasn't gone far . We plan on enrolling him for a piano lesson since he doesn't any extra curricular activity than cub scouting. I am pretty sure he would enjoy it better than playing sports. It would be nice to keep the keyboards we have so he can use it when practicing. Oh, I can't wait. Music is one thing I want to be part of every activities we do in our home.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Everyone if Free to Choose

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One of the best things I love about our church is that we have a law of health to follow. It may sound weird, but I like it. I love being healthy! But not all the people will agree wit me, so I just respect them and what they want to do in their life. So everybody is happy. Let say my father for example; he smokes and wouldn't stop. I bet he would like to try cheap cao cigars. He never tried smoking a cigar before, but might try this one since it is affordable and as they say, it taste better. He may or may not like it. Whatever he decides, we respect his decisions. I just wish he would make right choices while there's still time.
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cheap cao cigars

A Well Balanced Music/Sound System

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If you are a member of a band, you probably had played more than one musical instruments. I am pretty sure you are already familiar mixers like the numark mixers at musicians friend. It makes the sound balance, thus making the sounds more pleasing to the listener's ears. I love music, and I can tell when the sound is good or needs adjustments. My brother would really like to have a numark mixer for his sound system. I just hope I can get him one someday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Advertise Your Business

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It is my dream to put up my own business someday. I love to cook and eat. And so, I want to have my own restaurant someday. Nowadays, business gets popular and known to people through advertisement. It helps a small and big businesses grow faster. A company like the  triangle direct media can help your business like the signature shops/companies such as Ralph Lauren, ADT,, Coldwater to name a few. I would definitely contact this company when my dream  business comes to reality.

Fur Coat Makes Me Warm!

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Winter time is getting colder and colder each day. So to keep myself warm, I stay home most of the time. I don't go anywhere unless I really need to. The reason for it is that, I am allergic to cold. I cough a lot if I stay outside longer than half an hour. On the other hand, when I go outside, I make sure that I wear a warm coat like  fur coats. Good thing I have two of this kind of coat, one that my husband bought for myself and one I have inherited from my mother in-law. I love both of them! They keep me warm. These fur coats are so pretty that every time I go out, I get a lot of complements. Love, love them :-).

Hiding Those Cables

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Right now, as I watch my favorite show on Television, I can see tons of cables tangled. It is making me feel like hiding them. They are like sore to my eyes. I really need to do something about them. It's either cover them with something or get  cable ties to tie them all together, that way they would look better. I can still tolerate them, but it would be embarrassing for our guests to see them as we watch our fave games. I need to find a cable tie that looks pleasing to the eyes :-) and yet very durable and economical.

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