Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Very Reason I don't Want to Die!

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I was sleepless last night due to my tummy ache particularly on the side when my kidneys are placed. I am worried now that I maybe having another episode of rejection just Christmas of last year. I pray that I am wrong and that the pain is only caused by me being constipated. I tell you, it is hard being sick almost all the time that I am being tired of being sick! It would be so selfish of me to think that I better die than suffer from health; I need to be strong and positive for my son and husband who needs well as my parents who needs me as well. Plus, I am still too young to die. Some people are afraid to die but I am afraid to leave my family...that is what I am afraid about. So glad that God is always there to help sustain my needs...and with that I am forever grateful to HIM and Jesus!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing Ball Games, Fun!

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One of the things hubby and I love to do is play sports game. During our family bonding time, we play baseball, badminton, basketball and swim on the lake or pool. We wanted to play ping pong, but didn't get the chance since we are still on the look for a nice ping pong table to be purchased. It would be very nice to get one soon since we have plenty of time to do it with our son who is out of school for the summer. For the meantime, we are happy playing badminton...for he loves it so much! Jake even learn to play pool at my father's house when we were on a two weeks vacation this month.

Friday, June 10, 2011

His Car needs Repair!

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While looking for a car rental few days before our trip to my hometown, my husband and I couldn't decided as to whether we would just have my brother vehicle be repaired instead of renting a car from a rental company. After talking and doing so much research and comparisons, we came to a conclusion to have rent an SUV since it will accommodate more passenger than my brother's it would really cost us more to have the car repaired. Talking about it, I was wondering how much would it cost my parents in-law to have their rv repair. I bet it would cost like a fortune; don't you think?

She Needs Treatment for Wrinkles

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I know I am not that old enough to get wrinkles, but I am already thinking of a cream that can eliminate my wrinkles to be in the future that is safe and effective like the prototype #37c. I heard that it can eliminate wrinkles without going for a surgery. Isn't it great? My Mom on the other hand will going to need it because just today while talking with her, I noticed that few wrinkles are showing n her forehead now. I think now of purchasing this cream to eliminate those little wrinkles that start to appear on her face, too!

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