Friday, January 25, 2013

Everyone if Free to Choose

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One of the best things I love about our church is that we have a law of health to follow. It may sound weird, but I like it. I love being healthy! But not all the people will agree wit me, so I just respect them and what they want to do in their life. So everybody is happy. Let say my father for example; he smokes and wouldn't stop. I bet he would like to try cheap cao cigars. He never tried smoking a cigar before, but might try this one since it is affordable and as they say, it taste better. He may or may not like it. Whatever he decides, we respect his decisions. I just wish he would make right choices while there's still time.
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A Well Balanced Music/Sound System

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If you are a member of a band, you probably had played more than one musical instruments. I am pretty sure you are already familiar mixers like the numark mixers at musicians friend. It makes the sound balance, thus making the sounds more pleasing to the listener's ears. I love music, and I can tell when the sound is good or needs adjustments. My brother would really like to have a numark mixer for his sound system. I just hope I can get him one someday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Advertise Your Business

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It is my dream to put up my own business someday. I love to cook and eat. And so, I want to have my own restaurant someday. Nowadays, business gets popular and known to people through advertisement. It helps a small and big businesses grow faster. A company like the  triangle direct media can help your business like the signature shops/companies such as Ralph Lauren, ADT,, Coldwater to name a few. I would definitely contact this company when my dream  business comes to reality.

Fur Coat Makes Me Warm!

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Winter time is getting colder and colder each day. So to keep myself warm, I stay home most of the time. I don't go anywhere unless I really need to. The reason for it is that, I am allergic to cold. I cough a lot if I stay outside longer than half an hour. On the other hand, when I go outside, I make sure that I wear a warm coat like  fur coats. Good thing I have two of this kind of coat, one that my husband bought for myself and one I have inherited from my mother in-law. I love both of them! They keep me warm. These fur coats are so pretty that every time I go out, I get a lot of complements. Love, love them :-).

Hiding Those Cables

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Right now, as I watch my favorite show on Television, I can see tons of cables tangled. It is making me feel like hiding them. They are like sore to my eyes. I really need to do something about them. It's either cover them with something or get  cable ties to tie them all together, that way they would look better. I can still tolerate them, but it would be embarrassing for our guests to see them as we watch our fave games. I need to find a cable tie that looks pleasing to the eyes :-) and yet very durable and economical.

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