Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knowing I'll Be In Good Hands

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Many things happen when you are at the hospital. You will meet new friends and acquaintances, develop long term friendship with those who took care of you at the hospital such as nurses, doctors and medical staffs on top of the most important thing which is getting better. I love my every experiences and stays at the hospital for they give me comfort that I will feel well and would go home healed. This week, I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow Filipino who works as a food server. he brought me foods and chat with me. We became close and very comfortable talking with each other. During one of our conversations, she mentioned about insurance quote for their boat, cars and everything they posses. She and her husband are thinking of getting these stuffs insured to be safe. I agreed with their plan. We need to think of these things so we won't worry about it.

Amazing Voice Changer

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Okay, I am not really a fan of the actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I fell in love with the movie he made years back with Jamie Lee Curtis where he was a CIA. I like this kind of movie for it entertains me a lot. The story is about a CIA and his wife who works as a company secretary. The husband lied about his job; convinced the wife that he was a computer salesman. It took awhile before the husband admitted that he was a CIA instead. The lesson about it is that being honest to our spouse/s is very important no matter what! The reason how the wife became part of the team was when she got involved with a man who was a gold digger. The guys acted like he was a member of a syndicate who does illegal stuffs. Anyway, to make the long story short, when the husband confronted the wife secretly using voice changer during the interview. The husband and his friend were able to change their human voice to a machine or computerized voice, thus making his wife unaware that she was actually talking with her husband in the other side of the interview room. That was clever! I learned new things about voice pitches. You can make it either low or high pitch end voice. Isn't it amazing?

Hospital Stories

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Being at the hospital for almost a week, there are plenty of experiences to tell, from my own reason why I was admitted to other patients like myself. One night while trying to get some sleep, I heard a woman next door crying. Not knowing what was going on, I thoughts of the worst possible way. I thought one of the patient had passed away and so I started praying for her/his soul and her/his family. Oh well, don't blame me because that woman was crying as if someone she loves died at that moment. It turned out that this woman was exaggerating her feelings when the nurse tried to put an IV on her arm.What a woman! Anyway, that story made me think about life insurance quotes. Okay, all of us will die whether we like i or not. We need to be prepared for that and make sure that our loved ones would not be left behind with all the expenses regarding funeral and medical bills. Thinking beforehand, we are helping them get peace knowing that everything is taken care of.

Time Flies So Fast!

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My son loves to play motor racing in his nintendo DSI particularly the Mario Bros. He couldn't get enough of it to the point that he asked me if there a game for polaris atv. I was a bit surprised, but later on realized that my son had seen an atv already when we were checking polaris atv parts for a friend's atv back in our old neighborhood. I couldn't believed my son still remember those days to think that he was only three year old that time. Oh how time flies so fast! My baby is no longer a baby...but he is still my baby!

Presents for Him and Her

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A month ago while shopping for hubby's Christmas present, I was torn between a wrist watch he so adore and a couple of band saw blades. Knowing he loves to work at his garage during his free time, I almost bout the saw blades. I decided to get him the watch since his birthday is coming up pretty soon, too. I would just get the saw blades next week for his birthday gift. Now, I wonder what to give with my mother in-law for her birthday which falls the day after New Year. Oh well, flowers and dinner would always do.

FaceBook Rocks!

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Back at the hospital a couple of days ago after, one of the the things that keep sane was the computer. Watching television is not really my cup of tea except it is a movie about Christmas. I don't care whether it is animated or classic. Anyway, Fabooking has gotten a long way. I got the chance to speak what I feel, think to my readers particularly those who important part of my life such as families, relatives and friends. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures posted by one of my friends whom her sons and husband wore angel costumes, and a parish clothing. Their Christmas presentation was amazing! It is indeed fun to see a family participated in the whole event. I wished my son and hubby were able to participate at church Christmas party where they did the firs Christmas story. Too bad I was at the hospital them and that kept them away from not doing it. But the good part is that, am home now and is feeling better and better everyday. With that, we thanked God for HIS mercy and tender love.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stress Free Your Christmas

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Last month, my friends and I together with our sons got the chance to shop on Black Friday. I was lazy to go out then because the weather was too cold for me to bear; but I decided to drag my son with me and shop at the mall and outlet mall as well. I was very glad I did! Now I don't have to worry to much for every thing is done, gifts were all wrapped up, cards were sent, packing our stuffs up for our trip to my in-laws after Christmas. I have given myself a break from stress which I know would be good for my health. I am a firm believer that stress can sometimes be avoided if we really wanted to. We can do something about it before it even attack us. Do't you agree with me?

Exercise is Good for Health

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When we were packing our things up for our move back to Texas almost two years ago, we couldn't believe how much stuffs we have accumulated despite of the fact the we already given many of our stuffs away to friends and relatives! The biggest U Haul container couldn't fit our stuffs and so we donated more stuffs to Goodwill. My husband insisted that we sold our treadmill at Craigs' list when you can sell used gym equipment. I told him "No", and he agreed with me finally. We still have the treadmill and I use it during wintertime and summertime when the weather is very cold/hot for me. Exercising daily really help me a lot and so I couldn't afford to let our only gym equipment go.

Kidney Biopsy and Episode of Rejection

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Oh well, here I am today siting at my hospital bed waiting for my doctor's visit. I am also praying for the good word about the biopsy rest result today. Can you image how hard the wait is? Yup, it is hard, alright. Anyway, my doctor's routing check up this Monday didn't turn out to be good. Lab work results indicated that my creatinine clearance (protein in urine) is up to 3 something which is not normal. My doctor went ahead and started a treatment (steriod) just to be on the safe side while waiting for the biopsy result to come this afternoon. Anyway, we are just glad the we agreed to be admitted, have the biopsy done and the treatment as well.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It Was Like Magic!

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A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to shop for Christmas lights. As we went through the Christmas lights choices at the store, we couldn't help but wonder why these kind of lights are very expensive! A box of led lights is 10 bucks! We spent $70 just for the Christmas lights. Had it not for our son who begged us to put Christmas lights outside, we would never do it. Oh well, seeing my son's excitement when his Daddy turned the lights on was worth the price. It was like lighting a candle where my son is always excited and happy to see the flame. To him, it was like a magic!

My Unfulfilled Dream

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With all the medical issues I am going through right now, I sometimes wonder whether there is still a cure for my sever anemia. My blood count is way too low for my age, therefore, I feel tired and weak most of the time. Even taking a shower is too much for my body to handle! My body ache and always short of breath. Too bad that the treatment I have gone through last month didn't really help me at all. I feel weaker, in fact. Being sicked most of the time lead me to do some research about anemia. I spent hours reading about severe anemia, its causes, symptoms and treatments as well. I just wished that my doctor had put me into blood transfusion instead of iron infusion for that is the only way I would gain my energy back! Anyway, talking about internet, as I browsed online, I couldn't help but look at the bridesmaid dresses. Reminds me of my unfulfilled dream back when I was still single which was to become a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding. To this day, I still dream of becoming one someday. It isn't too late yet, Is it?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read the Review First!

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Choosing the right diet pill for you is not an easy task. Nowadays, you can find tons of diet pills in the market today and each one of them claim that they are the best one. How can you be so sure? The only way to find out is either try them yourself or read diet pill reviews online. Good thing this kind of review is available right on the internet which makes it easier to pick the right stuff. Trying them is not the best choice for it will cost you a fortune before you'll find the right diet pill for you that is effective, and safe, if you know what I mean, lol. Yup, these pills are not cheap at all!

Everything Should Starts at Home

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Finally after three years, our problem with our son not eating as much as he should have was solved. We have found a best weight gain supplement that helps his appetite back. This children's multi vitamin had boost his appetite, thus making him eat a lot! Now is he finally gaining weight without those calories from ice cream and shakes his pediatrician recommended. I serve him lots of veggies, fruits and meats for a healthy balanced meal. Indeed, you are what you eat. And your kids will eat whatever you serve them. I don't believe on preparing special meal for your kids, just so they will eat. Good eating habits starts at home and parents are good example for kids to follow including the foods we eat. The result, my son eats variety of foods from Asian to Mexican foods.

Is It Allergy or Cough?

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Two days ago, we emailed my sister in-law asking for the gifts she wanted for Christmas. We always do this to make sure that we get what we want instead of giving gift cards. It would be nice if we can open a Christmas presents rather than shop the next day with a credit card. For some reason, she hasn't reply yet. I am so eager to learn more about her Christmas wish lists so I can finish shopping gifts for her and her boyfriend. I plan on completing my shopping so I don't need to worry about it. I can start packing for our trip to my in-laws this holiday with less stress. Hubby on the other hand is worried about him not being able to sleep after his night work. He took sleep medicines as well as cough medicines, but still sleep wouldn't visit him. I am worried for him; maybe he needs to do some research about his trouble getting sleep.

Paying Attention/Focus

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My friend told me once that boys are easier to handle than girls when they reach their teenage years, but for now while they are still young, they are playful, hyper active at times, and their attention span is not that long. My son who is six year old is having difficulty paying attention, and so I need to remind him constantly. I just wished that there is an effective way that will effectively work for him, just like a diet pills that work for those who wanted to shed unwanted fats! For now, patience, prayer, understanding at the only way I can continue to do to keep him from listening and doing thing he was asked to do right away. How about you? Can you share me suggestions that really work for your kids?

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