Friday, November 19, 2010

Happier than Ever!

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As I always say to my friends, hubby and I are opposite in many ways. For instance, we are on the same boat when it comes to losing weight, but we do it differently. He doesn't believe on taking diet pills of any kinds. He would rather do crash diets that work instead. He also told me that it is the safest, cheapest and effective way to shed unwanted fats. I, on the other hand think that diet pill is the best and fastest way to lose weight. We might not agree on things like these, but I assure you but we still have many things in common that is why our marriage is stronger and healthier than ever and we could never be happier.

Thanksgiving Dinner

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It's been nine years since my husband and I got married and have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since. I thought I would be spared this year when a friend from church invented us to share thanksgiving with them. I would still cook, but just the side dishes like cranberry sauce, dinner roll, salad and veggies. Then, will all the excitements, my father in-law called telling us that they want to come over for thanksgiving on the day after Thanksgiving. There you go, I would still be cooking and would be eating a lot than I should. I need to plan for Thanksgiving after all as well as start taking diet pills for women that work. I heard this pills is designed especially for women who are trying to lose weight just like me. Taking this kind of pill needs a physician's approval since I am on immunosuppressants drugs to make sure that it won't interfere with my other medications.

Christmas Plans

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It's been four year since we have our last Christmas get together with my husband's family. And I have forgotten what happened that day, but that was my son's first Christmas spent with his cousin, Cody. These boys are like peas in a pod even to this day. They are like best buddy that can't be separated. Anyway, it is my sister in-law's idea for us to get together again this coming holiday. We weren't sure about it since we planned on going to the Philippines for two reasons: One for my husband to meet my family for the first time and second, spend Christmas and New year with them after 10 years. I also have been looking for family christmas ideas that would make our Christmas most memorable as well as enjoyable. Good thing I found few ideas online. We were all set and were ready to purchase plane tickets, but when we check our savings, we found out that we don't have enough money because we spent them when we did the closing for our new house. Sad that our plan didn't materialize. We are now going for the Christmas/reunion of the Kenyon clan. Our plan for a family vacation is set on summer of next year when the school is over.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Plenty of Space

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My husband is a big fan of hp gadgets and electronic devices. Every time we need a replacement for our computer or even camera or camcorder, he would always look for hp brand. For instance, when we replace our hp printers, he bought an hp printer/scanner/fax, and copier combo, and that saved us a lot of money as well as plenty of space in our home office. For the first time, I felt like I am not suffocated. I can move without bumping into something when I am inside the office, and that our house looks and feel bigger now. Having a lot of clutters at home gives me stress and headache which is not good for my health.

Important Things Everyone Should Know

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Back when I was still on dialysis due to ESRD or end state renal disease, the social worker who was helping us with paper work for medicare benefits mentioned a little bit about Medicare part D plans. And since my husband has good health insurance policy and coverage, I didn't really pay much attention to what she was saying. All I can remember is that there is a company that can can help people file a disability appeal after they have been denied by the SSA. This is good news to those have disabilities and are in need of financial and health care related services. I wished there is something like in the country where I came from.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy As A Bee

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The month of October marks the busy days for us; and that doesn't end till January of next year. My son has many school activities to attend to on top of his karate lessons. Then, the Halloween and Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas holiday. Indeed the last three months of the years are stressful days for me at least. That is why sometimes, I turn down some birthday parties just so we can spend time as family together to bond and have fun. But last weekend I couldn't say "no" to friends who are celebrating their birthdays the same month. So I went with some friends together with our kids. We had so much fun, not to mention that we got to meet new friends. Part of the celebration was singing karaoke. Lily, one of the celebrants has a very nice home theater seating where we sat and enjoyed singing and laughing. We don't really have a home theater seating at home and that is one thing hubby and I wanted to get in the near future.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Medicine Cabinets

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The one thing we didn't get when we bought a new built house four months ago was a medicine cabinet in our bathroom. We were surprised that it was not included on the plan. Old houses have built in medicine cabinets, why not new ones, right? Oh well, since that is one thing we cannot live without, hubby and I decided to purchase two medicines cabinets for the bathrooms in our house. They weren't expensive, but would be nice had we bought a couple of Robern Medicine cabinet online. I really like Robern cabinets particularly the medicine cabinet for they are so nice and would compliment our furniture. Oh well, someday when it is time to replace our med. cabinets, we will make sure that we get the one we really, really like.

Excited For Vacation

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I have been living in United States for 9 years now. Have visited my family in the Philippines 2 times since...once with my son and the last time was when my grandmother died last year. I tell you, I still miss my family a lot especially my parents. On summer of next year, we are going for a vacation there with my son an hubby and everyone is excited including me! Hubby haven't met my family yet due to unavoidable circumstances, and thank goodness, finally they will meet in person at last! That would be a great vacation, I think! Much better than Branson vacations is all I can say. We would go to the beach and maybe even go to Baguio City which is the summer capital of the Philippines. I would love to go to Branson though someday for I heard that it is a great place to visit any time of the year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Visiting friends at Church

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This morning, I got the chance of visiting two of our fellow members at church for the first time. These three young women and I have so much things in common. We are all stay at home Mom, each has one child and love to walk, be with our kids, and love to attend church activities. I was so happy to have met them and got to know more about them. One of these young women, Callie lived in the Philippines for 8 months and we had a chance to share her experienced there and vice versa. During our conversation we ended talking about health insurance and house expensive to purchase one, but people don't have choice but to have it make sure that we are at peace when emergency like sicknesses arises. Having health insurance is as must in every household just like car insurance and etc...Anyway, talking about insurance, I wondered how much premium my in-laws are paying each month for their rv insurance. I am sure they shopped a lot and compared rv insurance quotes before they finally chose the right insurance for the recreational vehicle.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Need to Insure Our Laptop

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Am I way out of the loop now that I didn't know about laptop insurance? Wow, who would have thought that laptop computer can be insured now, just like other important possessions we insured to make sure they are protected. Thinking now, I realized that laptop indeed needs to be insured for it contains many important document such as photos, bank account, passwords and other documents that can't be replaced. This made me decided to talk with my hubby about our laptop and the need to insured it. I hope he would agree with me without any complain or things like that.

New Walking Shoes for Me

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Every time I go to the mall, I can't help but look for new arrival shoes at the stores. I love shoes that is why hubby keeps teasing me whether am related to Imelda Marcos or I collect shoes, too. Oh well, that is exaggeration; I don't collect shoes, just need something to wear on every occasion like shoes for winter, church, and for summer/fall. I really like a pair of shoes for walking and saw one that I really like at merrell shoes or footwear. I don't care whether he would tease me again, but I am buying that walking/running shoes whether he likes it or not!

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