Monday, December 26, 2011

A Perfect Pant for ME!

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On Christmas eve, we decided to open our presents instead of Christmas morning just like we always do. If I were to decide when to open our gifts, I'd rather do it the usual day we do which is Christmas morning. Oh well,  for a change, I agreed with hubby to do it on Christmas day because Jacob has tons of gifts to open. I love that my mother in-law thoughtful gift for me, but I wished he had given me a gift card so I can buy something I like and one I'd actually use. But instead she gave me a blouse from her Fave boutique. Honestly, I didn't like the blouse not to mention the color and style of it. Had she bought me carhartt pants at, then I would probably love it. We will be going for a four day family get away at Branson, Missouri and that pants would be a perfect pants for me to wear since it is winter and cold.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Food and Diet on Holiday

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Our Christmas was spent at friends house this year. And we had so much fun! I like that we don't get to cook, clean up. I just brought a dish to share. After eating, we did talk,  sang karaoke, and watched the kids play and sing as well. On New year's eve, we have the same just because January first is my friend's birthday. It would be celebrated together with hubby's and Earnest birthday as well which fall on January. Anyway, we are all excited for it and for our trip to Branson this week. With all these special occasions, there would be plenty of foods. I need to take it easy on sweets, carbs and fats to avoid blood sugar spikes. Hubby and I plan to sart dieting after New Year comes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work at Home Business

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Honestly speaking, I am not a kind of person who would stay in the house and be happy. I love to go outside and enjoy the life out there. I'd like to do what I used to do when I was still single which was work a full time job and be independent again. Don't get me wrong, I love being with my family, but I also want to make use of my time wisely by doing productive things when they are at work and school. I feel kind of bored spending my spare time alone....especially at home. I told my husband that I need to do something or I'll lose my sanity. We both agreed that I can do something productive and earn money at the same time while I stay home. I then thought of making some fashion jewelry and sell them to my friends. Now, I need to look for jewelry tools that I can use if I have to start this business. The sooner I get these tools, the sooner I can start making jewelry. I hope I'll succeed on this one....that way, I don't need to find job outside home.

Homes for Rent in Austin, Texas

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About five years ago, my husband got laid off from his work of ten years. We've looked for work anywhere, from Utah, Louisiana, Virginia to Austin, Texas. We were looking for the same job he had for ten years. There was an opening at Samsung in Austin, and so we drove there to see the location and how were the surrounding areas look like. After driving all around the city proper, we considered moving there. While there, we took the opportunity to look on homes for rent austin texas. There were some available within the vicinity of Samsung manufacturing company which was very good. But then, we got job offer the we couldn't resist from a semiconductor company in VA and moved there as soon as we can. Our moved wasn't as stressful as we thought it would be since the company moved us there. To make the story short, our one year stay in VA wasn't bad at all, in fact we liked it there so much that to this day, we still want to move back there someday.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deli Food Made Us Sick

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Last night, we decided to do some grocery shopping for the dinner I will make on Sunday for my friend who gave birth to a baby boy. I have promised her that I will bring them dinners as soon as the baby is born. While at the store, I told hubby that I feel like eating rotisserie chicken for dinner. And so we did. We bought fried chicken instead since the boys want it. With chicken, we also got some okra stew to go with it. When we got home, we ate our dinner right away for we were all staving. To our dismayed, the fried chicken was dried and the okra was good compared to the ones at Pops Chicken in Terrel. 

Early this morning, I started to pass gas followed by stomachache similar to what we got when we went to the Philippines this summer. With that experienced at Brookshire, we decided that that would be our first and last time to get some food at their deli. My good husband gave me a fiber rich drink, and I feel a little better now. Thank goodness I am home. I hate it when it hits me while outside. I am glad J didn't get what we got because he didn't eat as much.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can You Stop Collection Calls?

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Apparently, the answer is yes. However, the big question is, “What are collection calls?” Well, if you owned a credit card and have the habit of making late payments, then most probably you have an idea what collection calls are. You get these phone calls from so-called collection agents who try to get you to pay off your debts.

If there were one word to describe these collection calls, it would have to be harassing. Indeed, there are collection agents who are so rude when placing these calls. Some would even resort to using abusive speech. The thing is just because you have fallen behind on some of your payables doesn’t give these agents the right to talk to you that way. The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act clearly states that a collector cannot make any kind of threats or use abusive language on a debtor.

Collectors are supposed to abide by the guidelines of the FDCPA. Therefore, if you feel that debt collectors who act against FDCPA guidelines are violating your rights as a consumer, then you should call fair debt collection lawyers for help. You could relate your experiences to the lawyers and ask advice on how to stop collection calls. You’d be surprised with the extent that these lawyers would help you.

Get Noticed Because of Your Scrubs

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Having a medical profession would require you to have a large inventory of scrub sets in your closet. Opting for one or two sets is inadvisable, since fabric is prone to wear and tear. Through continuous washing, the fabric could soon wear out. Hence, it would be wise for you to put in your money in several pairs of scrubs that you can wear to work.

In case you’re looking for a place where you can buy purple scrubs, you can find awesome scrubs in an array of colors at This online store specializes in scrubs, so you can surely get the sets you need at affordable prices. You can even buy scrub sets for less than $100.00. Some scrubs even bear branded labels. The store offers a wide variety of choices in terms of design and color.

Most nurses, doctors, and laboratory technicians prefer scrubs to the traditional medical uniform, since hospital scrubs uniforms are more comfortable to wear. These scrubs use light fabric, so it allows its wearer to move freely. Scrub sets are most preferred because it allows for versatility and flexibility, and since doctors and nurses are often on their feet, they really need to wear something that lets them move about without restraint.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shopping for Christmas

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I have a friend who is an avid fan of Victoria Secret products. She buys perfumes, and lingerie a lot. And because of that, she became a valued customer thus giving her privilege of getting coupons by mail. And so every time she goes to the mall, she uses victoria’s secret coupons saving her a lot! She even gets a free underwear every so often. She is such a lucky gal. I would like the save some money, too. Next time we go to Victoria Secret store, I am going to get myself some lotions and maybe a perfume of my choice. Wait a minute, tomorrow I can get some stuff for my friends, maybe their gifts this coming Christmas. I better give her a call to see what her fave perfume so I can surprise her on Christmas.

Customer Service

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Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Since when did all customer service move online? Everyone from my internet service provider to my phone company is offering en email or chat customer service option now. Most of the time it’s really convenient because I don’t have to stay on the phone forever waiting for a customer service representative to become available. It’s nice to send an email and get a response letting you know how to fix the problem. Part of me is still having a hard time getting used to it. The other day my cable TV service went out, and it was late at night. The only way I could get customer service was online. I had to chat online with someone who was giving me instructions on how to reset my cable box. It was really frustrating because when we were troubleshooting I had to keep on going back and forth from my computer to my TV. If we were talking on the phone, I would have been able to do everything at once and it would’ve taken less time. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to this new phenomenon.

Done Shopping for Christmas

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Today, I spent more than three hours shopping for gifts at Costco. The longest time I have spent shopping in just one store! Why? Because I was waiting for my husband who was at his dentist's appointment. At first I thought I would not be very bored, but I was wrong. I have looked for t-shirts, coats, pajamas, books and toys all over the store, but hubby was still nowhere to be found. He was at the clinic for three hours! I cannot believe it! He said they took him in as soon as he got there. They did exams x-ray, cleaning and put temporary crown, but still I think it was way too long. Good thing I bought all the things I needed to finish my gifts shopping; now I can relax after sending the packages and Christmas cards tomorrow. I would sure have a stress-free Christmas celebration this year. What about you?

A Great Christmas Gift

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Christmas is fast approaching and there is no better gift to give to my niece who loves to play guitar than a  vox ac15. It would be nice to hear her play his guitar with this guitar combo amp. Actually would this be a gift for her three sisters, too for they all love music and playing guitar. When I was in the Philippines this summer, I have witnessed how they sang well with the guitar and organ accompaniment...sounds great great. They were like a band. There were singer and musical instruments players. If they pursue their talents in singing and playing these instruments, they could form a band called "The Sisters."

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