Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homes for Rent in Austin, Texas

Posted by Cecile at 12/20/2011 04:38:00 PM
About five years ago, my husband got laid off from his work of ten years. We've looked for work anywhere, from Utah, Louisiana, Virginia to Austin, Texas. We were looking for the same job he had for ten years. There was an opening at Samsung in Austin, and so we drove there to see the location and how were the surrounding areas look like. After driving all around the city proper, we considered moving there. While there, we took the opportunity to look on homes for rent austin texas. There were some available within the vicinity of Samsung manufacturing company which was very good. But then, we got job offer the we couldn't resist from a semiconductor company in VA and moved there as soon as we can. Our moved wasn't as stressful as we thought it would be since the company moved us there. To make the story short, our one year stay in VA wasn't bad at all, in fact we liked it there so much that to this day, we still want to move back there someday.


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