Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Get Physical, Let's Do Zumba!

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When we went for a two week long vacation to the Philippines, I didn't realize tht I will loose weight! Really, I didn't even do some exercise. I just stayed home eate my favorite Filipino foods that I've missed most back in United States. The only thing I can think of why I lost weight was that the weather. It is hot and himid there and it made me sweat a lot without doing anything. I also had diarrhea while there and that helped me loose some weight, too

It's been more than a month since our trip, and I can tell that some of my pants and shorts are loose now. Yay! Now, to maintain that weight or loose more weight, I need to do something aside from walking outside which is hard to do right now since the weather here in Texas is extremely hot! My friend and I were thinking of enrolling into a Zumba class. It would be nice to do that, but she lives at leat 20 minutes away from my house and neither one of us wants to drive that long. So, I thought of buying a Zumba thing so I can do some exercise. I plan on getting myself a wii fit so hubby and I can be active together; how fun would that be, right? Oh, I couldn't wait to get those stuffs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Medicare Part D Plans

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If you or someone you know is getting to that age where they will be on Medicare, it is important to know as much as you can about Medicare and Medicare part D plans, because it can be complicated at times. There are many decisions to made when you or someone you know is about to get Medicare. Well, fortunately there are places online that will help you when making these tough decisions about Medicare. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of these programs to make decision making so much easier, trust me, you will be glad that you did.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trendy and Fashionable Scrubs

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It has been said that when you make a fashion statement, everybody will follow. I like the idea that somehow, in my own little way, I am representing a fashionable trend. At work, I make sure that I wear comfortable clothes. Jeans and shirt is fine but I like something voguish and modish while working. It represents the whole aura or personality of one person. Work clothes should always be in style, cool and snazzy! The reason why I love wearing all my colorful uniforms at work.

All my friends who work in health care field, have always showed off their colorful and stylish scrubs clothing and nursing uniforms. It was like a collection of fashion! They’re wearing different colors and style everyday. It represents a certain ambiance while dealing with patients. It creates vibrant personality towards people. I have seen a lot of nursing uniforms but some are just plain, old-fashion look. It didn’t get my attention. I should let them know about this hip website that offers finest quality nursing scrubs. You’ll find stylish, modern and trendy from scrubs to accessories at it’s finest total quality.

Are You In Need of Injury and Train Accident Lawyer?

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I have seen people who are hard working. Some people work more than twelve hours a day and some work away from their families. It is hard when you have to be away and no one will take care of you, cook food, wash your work clothes or worst, when you get sick, your family is away worried about your condition. If you are a railroad worker and have been injured or been into an accident while working in a railroad, you may have a case. Consider talking to a FELA Railroad Injury and Train Accident Lawyer. Injury and Train Accident Lawyer. Injury and Train Accident Lawyer . Injury and Train Accident Lawyer for more information about a case and fight for your rights.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Insurance Company You Can Trust!

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Shopping for life insurance nowadays is not an easy task. With all the insurance companies out there, it is very hard to trust any of them. Most of them claimed they offer the best and cheapest life insurance in the universe! I say, when in some research, sooner or later, you'll find the one you can trust like the Am I right or not. Just do what I say...and youwill never regret you did!

Sony Camera Fanatic

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When I was looking for a digital camera for my youngest brother, I was torn between cannon and
sony cameras. I thought they were both good cameras and spending more than what I planned was worth it. We used to have a sony digicam and we liked it! I bet my brother would be very happy had I bought the camera he so desired. Now that we are on the look for a dslr....makes me think whether Sony company is going to make dslr, too! If they do, I would be the first one to but it :-)....seriously!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Like The Sound Of It!

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A barcode scanner is very useful nowadays especially by stores, hospitals and business establishments to name a few. For me, it makes our life easier because we not only save time, but also resourses. I used to work at a grocery store and I have used it a lot! I kind of enjoyed using it :-). I like to hear the sound of it..even now when I am at the check out counter. Weird, but true!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being Healthy for My Family

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With all the weightloss pills on the market today, deciding which one to buy is very difficult for those who are looking for the best weight loss pill that is effective, safe and affordable. I for one is very desperate to lose weight so I can be healthy again. Being healthy is one thing I really want and need to achieve for my husband, son and immediate family overseas. I love them so much enough to take care of my health and well being. Right now, the best thing for me to do is to really find the best stuff to lose weight, if weight loss pill the only way I could lose, then so be it. I will be on the quest of that best pill!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Save More Using Coupons!

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 Lately, my husband and I have been noticing that every time we do grocery shopping, we paid more than the last time we did shop for the same amount of items. We don't know what was going on, but we decided to use  coupons to at least save some bucks. Indeed, a little goes a long way.  We even use coupons now when we dine out, shop at the mall, have oil change for our cars and more. Using coupons even saved us $70 on tires purchased. I just wished that airlines have coupons, too so we can save for plane tickets purchase when we go see my folks again overseas. That would be great!

Friday, July 1, 2011

He Needs to Stop Smoking

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When we visited my folks about three weeks ago, I was pleased to learn that my mother's health had improved. Her medicines have been cut off and her high blood pressure and diabetes are on normal condition. My father on the other hand is now under medication for high blood pressure due to his smoking and his eyes are always teary again due to smoking. His doctor told him to stop smoking for it will ruin his eyesight as well. It would be very hard for him to stop because he has been smoking for many years now. I wonder whether electronic cigarette would help him stop gradually. If so, hen I should find a place where they sell electronic cigarette wholesale, that way I can save money when I buy in bulk to send it to my father back home.

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