Saturday, May 11, 2013

Save on Your Hotel Stay this Summer

Posted by Cecile at 5/11/2013 01:27:00 PM 0 comments
In August, we will be traveling to my in - law's place to attend their 50th wedding anniversary.  I am really excited because that will be the only time where we would be out of town this summer. Meaning, we do not have any exciting activities coming up this summer break. I just wish we could go to Grand Canyon on the way there or on our way back home. But oh well, our budget didn't allow us to do that since we will be give our share for foods and other preparations for my husband's folks golden anniversary. Yes, our budget is tight because of that. Which means, we will need to book our hotel stay at book cheap hotels online. I am so glad because it will save us not only time, but also money.  There are not much hotel in Los Alamos, so we will need to stay at Santa Fe, NM; and I know I can count on the website (link provided here) for a cheap, but comfortable in the heart of Santa Fe. We love that city! I remember staying there for our honeymoon where my in - law's made a reservation for us.

On this website, making a reservation/booking is a lot easier than other company. I love that I can compare rates, amenities and etc...making it easier for me to budget my money without compromising the things I want for a place to stay while traveling for business or pleasure.I can even get great rates for rooms near the mountains, city center, ocean, and even countryside. What more can I ask for? This website is amazingly great! Traveling all over United States for us easier, enjoyable, and memorable. I can even book my hotel for our trip overseas next year! I will surely recommend this website for families and friends for their next trip anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Friend's Private Plane

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A friend of mine's husband loves to fly. He own a personal plane. It would be nice if one of these days we could experience flying with him. Anyway, I am pretty sure that he spends a lot of money maintaining it on top of fuel usage. I don't know much about aircraft and things like that, but I know for sure that at one point in time he has been to aircraft hose distributor to buy a fuel hose for his private plane. He probably get great deal or savings going there.

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