Thursday, October 25, 2012

Musical Instruments

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Someday, we want our son to join the marching band. For now, he is still too young for that. He loves to sing, dance and listen to some music. Husband and I agreed that he has a talent at least on those category. Oh yeah, he can draw and wants to be an illustrator someday. Anyway, talking about being on a band. I think a lot of bands around our area, they can use a MXR at musicians friend. This will help with the sound of music, I think. I know some already use it and it really help them a lot.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Kind of Guitar Strings We Need!

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Being an only child, it is not easy for us, nor to our son. He doesn't have a sibling to play with. He gets bored easily. We try as much as we could to play with him when there is no school, but it really isn't enough for him. So we decided to let him play with some of his friends inside our house. At first few weeks, his friends played nicely. But lately, we noticed that they play rough breaking a lot of his toys. I tried to hide Jacob's guitar, but they still manage to find it. Now, I worry they might break the guitar strings by how they play it. They already change its tune! We love this guitar because Jacob play with it. He said he wanted to learn to play guitar someday. So, we want to keep it till he is ready to use it. Good thing Gibson guitar strings at musicians friend sells the kind of strings we need for our guitar.

I Wished I was Rich!

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I can so relate to those people who want to be rich. Why? Because if they are, they can easily gain money when they buy silver bullion. Silver bullion can make people rich in the long run because the longer you keep it, the more its value gets higher. It's like saving your money in the banks. Someday maybe when I win a lotto I'll buy silver or even gold bullion, lol.

Wreaths, my Favorite Decor

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I love decorating my house especially during holiday season such as Halloween, Eater, Christmas, Valentines Day, and so on. Wreath can always be found hanging on our front door. But lately, decorations are kind of expensive. I feel like they are made of gold because of their prices. That is why sometimes I think of making it myself that way I won't spend a fortune on holiday decor. I wished I can find wreaths here at my favorites store right now!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help for Small Businesses

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Starting your own small business can be difficult, especially because there are many things to be learned, such as small business credit for example. Fortunately there is a place called Business Credit dot org that you can go to in order to find out about credit for small business, credit cards, credit reports, and other related topics.

By the way, Business Credit dot org has been around since 2008 and they are amazing because they offer so much information for people who are new to businesses in a simple and easy manner. For instance, they have listed the best resources to look at in order for you to learn and maintain your business credit.

I highly suggest that you visit their website today at Business Credit dot org and learn the techniques of maintaining good credit for your business.

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