Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Great Floor Mat for House Floor

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 I always wanted to buy a quality and nice looking floor mats, but my husband is always oppose when I talk about expensive stuffs that are durable and long lasting as well as useful. And that is the reason why I seldom buy quality made stuffs for decorating our house. Okay, that was before; now because of the fact the we own a newly built house, he realized that it is time to buy something nice for our house. I think my next project is our floor. I need to save for a better looking floor mats. I was thinking of checking aston martin floor mats. I am pretty sure I would be able to find a floor mats that will match our contemporary furniture and home decor. This time, hubby won't be able to say 'no' to me when it comes to our house decorations :-).

She is Very Lucky!

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During our last visit with my in-laws about a month ago, I got the chance to know more of my sister in-law who we happened to see every other year. The family gathering lasted for four day. For that short span of time, I learned that when she was a child, she used to own a horse. Yes, she was a horse rider. Back then, she has everything a good equestrian should have. You name it she has it, from equestrian helmets to a nice looking boots. Having such kind of hobby can be very expensive, but who cares. She was the only girl in the family of five and my parents in-law wanted the best for her. So, she got all she wanted in the world. Isn't she lucky or  what. Despite of that she wasn't a brat at all. Amazing, isn't it?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hoping for a Healthier Relationship

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Last week, my family and I went to visit my in-laws for a family gathering in New Mexico. Before that, I thought of not going there because I sensed that something bad is going to happen if I do, through enough my bad feeling was confirmed on the first day of our stay there. The four days we spent there was very stressful to me. With my sister in-law who never liked me the moment we first met made my visit a night mare before our visit was over. She managed to voice put what she was feeling for me through my son ( who is very young and innocent ). She was very mad and couldn't stand my presence anymore, took her feeling out of his nephew! She yelled on my son...and trying to depend her dog! The worst thing was that she blamed it on my parenting skills why my son doesn't like her dog! The nerve of questioning my parenting skills while she herself had never has a kid of her own nor not having experienced on how to raise a child. What I expected to be a healthier relationship with my in-laws turned out to be a disaster. What a family of inconsiderate, selfish and immature people. So glad, I have a family who raised me to be a good person despite our poverty. I love my healthy relationship with my own folks, siblings and their families who love me, hubby and Jacob.

I just hope they'll realized how wrong they are for criticizing our parenting skills, and pray that they will change. For now, forgetting what they did is out of my mind....I might forgive what they did...but forgetting would take a long while.

It's Always Sunny - Charlie Got Molested

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Guest post of the week by Jeffry Warren

In the first season of the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia the episode Charlie Got Molested stands out as one of the best. The first season did not feature Danny Devito, but still featured many very good episodes. In this episode some former classmates of Charlie's claim they were molested by a gym teacher.

It is revealed that Charlie suggested this while inebriated in order to get revenge and his classmates did it as he suggested in order to sue. During this episode Mac is upset that the former gym coach feels he wasn't attracted enough to be taken advantage. Mac goes over to try to seduce the coach by wearing short shorts.

During this episode Dennis and Dee go to Charlie's mother and tell her about the alleged abuse. This is one of the best episodes because it does not have multiple plots and focuses on one thing. This allows them to make a myriad of more jokes about one particular thing, in this case Charlie's molestation. 

This is sometimes aired on the premium network FX on many WwW.sAtellite911.cOm's programming schedules. Granted many of the new episodes of It's Always Sunny are worth watching, but few are as groundbreaking as this one. If you get a chance you should definitely check out the episode Charlie got Molested on your local satellite provider.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Summer Vacation

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A couple of months ago, my family and I visited my folks in the Philippines. Prior to that, we asked my brother to see if he can find homes for rent near his house that we can rent while there. Unfortunately, he couldn't find one, so we ended staying at a hotel that is 30 minutes drive away from his place. With that, we paid $300 for our 10 days stayed. I can't complain I guess. Here in United States it could have costs more than that. We also rented a car since my brother's car was not big enough for us; another $300 for that...again for 10 days. Yeah, we spent a lot of money while there, but who cares! I don't care a s long as I spent quality time with my family, that is all that matters; plus we don't get to see them like everyday. Oh how I miss my folks so much! Hopefully, we can visit them again in 2013.

PayDay Loan Can Help Pay Medical Bills

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Today while checking the mails, I noticed a letter from the hospital. I immediately opened it because it was addressed to me. I thought it was from my Ob gynecologist telling me about my upcoming day surgery. But I was wrong. It was a bill from last years iron infusion they gave me. I thought we already paid for it. Had i know we haven't paid it yet, I could have asked my husband to apply for a payday loan, that way we don't have to worry about it now. Good thing we have savings for emergency like this otherwise we would borrow again from hubby's 401K.

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