Thursday, November 22, 2012

Buying Gifts for Christmas!

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Buying gifts for Christmas gives me so much stress. Not knowing what to buy for each family members on top of tight budget is another thing. I am pretty sure you all can agree that this season is the most expensive time of the year. I don't really like it. I t drives away the real meaning of the season. Oh well, no matter what we say or do, we still ended going with the flow. It is hard to avoid not shopping for gifts, especially for our kid/s. Say, a Roll-A-Bout knee walker would be perfect for our son. He'd love to have one of this if we can afford it. I really like it, but for now I think the 'wants' can wait :-).

New Way to Exercise

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Exercising is getting harder for me each winter time. I would like to walk or jog more outside but the cold temperature is keeping me from doing it. We have a treadmill, but sometimes it kind of boring to walk inside the house. I really need something new to try on. I was thinking of doing a Zumba, yoga or maybe a Pilates. If I decide to do a yoga, I knew of a place where to look for equipment I'll be needing. Good thing I can find a  yoga equipment here. I meant, if you click the link here the choices are endless which is great! For the meantime, I will just need to save some bucks so I can get the things I need for yoga.

Looking for a Place to Stay?

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It would be nice if we have a vacation house we could go to during summer time. Summertime here in the state of Texas is not fun at all. It is really hot! It makes me getaway from it all. Who knows, maybe someday we would own one :-). Anyway, one time when we were living on the East coast, we got the chance of visiting an island called 'Ocra Coke in North Carolina. We had fun! It would have been more fun had we stayed overnight at outerbanks. If you are reading this and is interested, you can find a vacation house at  outerbanks mls here. This is the place you can find a house you can go to anytime you need to unwind and relax.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Safer Way to Ride and Communicate

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Christmas is fast approaching. In two days, thanksgiving day is over! Oh how time flies so fast. Before I know it, it's time to keep myself busy buying gifts my love ones for Christmas. As much as we could, we try to keep it inexpensive as possible. It's the thoughts that count, anyway :-). It would be nice though if I can get my eldest brother a Chatterbox XBI2. He can use it when he rides his bike or motorcycle. He can listen even communicate without holding his mobile phone, thus keeping him safe. The Bluetooth is great!
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Chatterbox XBI2

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