Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deli Food Made Us Sick

Posted by Cecile at 12/17/2011 09:05:00 AM
Last night, we decided to do some grocery shopping for the dinner I will make on Sunday for my friend who gave birth to a baby boy. I have promised her that I will bring them dinners as soon as the baby is born. While at the store, I told hubby that I feel like eating rotisserie chicken for dinner. And so we did. We bought fried chicken instead since the boys want it. With chicken, we also got some okra stew to go with it. When we got home, we ate our dinner right away for we were all staving. To our dismayed, the fried chicken was dried and the okra was good compared to the ones at Pops Chicken in Terrel. 

Early this morning, I started to pass gas followed by stomachache similar to what we got when we went to the Philippines this summer. With that experienced at Brookshire, we decided that that would be our first and last time to get some food at their deli. My good husband gave me a fiber rich drink, and I feel a little better now. Thank goodness I am home. I hate it when it hits me while outside. I am glad J didn't get what we got because he didn't eat as much.


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