Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Plans

Posted by Cecile at 11/19/2010 12:15:00 PM
It's been four year since we have our last Christmas get together with my husband's family. And I have forgotten what happened that day, but that was my son's first Christmas spent with his cousin, Cody. These boys are like peas in a pod even to this day. They are like best buddy that can't be separated. Anyway, it is my sister in-law's idea for us to get together again this coming holiday. We weren't sure about it since we planned on going to the Philippines for two reasons: One for my husband to meet my family for the first time and second, spend Christmas and New year with them after 10 years. I also have been looking for family christmas ideas that would make our Christmas most memorable as well as enjoyable. Good thing I found few ideas online. We were all set and were ready to purchase plane tickets, but when we check our savings, we found out that we don't have enough money because we spent them when we did the closing for our new house. Sad that our plan didn't materialize. We are now going for the Christmas/reunion of the Kenyon clan. Our plan for a family vacation is set on summer of next year when the school is over.


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