Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Clawfoot Tub for A Change!

Posted by Cecile at 3/10/2011 02:01:00 PM
When we were shopping for upgrade for our new house, we decided to put a garden tub in the master bathroom for we want the bath tub to be bigger than the standard tub the contractor are putting in the houses they are building. It costs us a little bit more but that was okay. It was worth the money, anyway. We are glad we did it!

I was wondering why the contractor didn't include the clawfoot tub as one of the options. It would be nice if they have it at the showroom, and maybe we could have chosen it instead of the garden tub. Oh well, maybe someday for a change, we would replace the tub with a clawfoot tub. And I would like the one seen here.


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