Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He is Excited to Join the Team

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Tomorrow is the last day of Jake's swim lesson this summer. We are happy that he learned basic skills on swimming. What we are most grateful about is that his fear of water was overcome and now he can float by himself without any help from us. He loves to play under the water and glides his arms and legs while he floats. Anyway, his friend, Tyson will be joining a soccer training this fall. His father asked us whether he will join, too. We didn't think about it till last week. I want him to be on the team just so he would have more time to socialize and meet new friends and at the same time boost his self esteem. But hubby said that he would think about it. While we haven't decided yet, it would be very nice to buy Jake personalized soccer balls. I bet he would like that since he already is excited though we haven't decided yet :-). I hope hubby would let our son play.

Housewarming Party

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Since we've moved into our new house, my friends keep asking me when would the housewarming be. I didn't tell them the exact date till we kind of feel like we are settled in already. Hubby talked about it and decided to do the housewarming party on our son's six birthday this month. Jake's birthday is next week (Tuesday), but will move it on Saturday since most of our friends will be available that day. Jacob is very excited about his friends coming over to play with him....while Matt and I are going to be busy with the preparation. We've never done housewarming before and were kind of nervous at the same time. Hope to make it a success.

Anyway, when I looked at Wikipedia for the housewarming party meaning, this is what I got.

A housewarming party is a party held on the occasion of moving into a new residence. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, and sometimes for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home. Housewarming parties are generally informal; usually there are no planned activities besides a possible tour.

It is considered proper etiquette to invite guests at least a few days, and up to 3 weeks, in advance.

Gifts are customary but not necessary. They usually consist of something for the new house (such as a potted plant, a vase, or a picture frame) or something to be enjoyed during the party (such as a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a gift basket of foodstuffs). Bluebirds were once given as they were believed to bless the new house with happiness and good luck, but in modern day it is more customary to provide bluebird-themed paraphernalia such as china.

* A housewarming party may be thrown upon completion of renovation or remodel.
* A housewarming party may be presented as an "open house" where people are free to come and go during a fixed window of time on a given day.
* A housewarming may involve a potluck meal.
* Some people invite all of their new neighbors to their housewarming. This allows the hosts to meet their new community.
* In some communities, neighbors may bring the housewarming party to the new residents to welcome them.
* While people try to host a housewarming party within the first 3 months, a lot of people wait until they are completely settled in. The time frame is flexible, and a party can qualify as a housewarming anytime after the move-in date.

Secure Place in God's Kingdom

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As our son's grow up, hubby and I can't help but think of his future. We wanted to give him better education and future on top of keeping him close to God. My husband and I are both convert of LDS (Latter Day Saints) church and neither our parents are members. On the other hand, our son was born on the covenant....which means his parents are married and sealed in the house of the Lord for time and eternity. Therefore, he would be raised in the gospel of Jesus Christ....and if he is obedient; he would have a secure place in the kingdom of God someday. That is our belief...our faith. Talking about insurance for ipads, I never heard that such insurance exists until ipads became popular. That made me think about...what else can be insurable next? What else can be secured?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fruits are Good for Our Health

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Fruits are good substitute to satisfy your craving for unhealthy foods. I have been eating fruits lately and it makes me feel good. I feel like am losing weight as well as getting much fiber than any other foods. I so love pineapple for it is loaded with anti oxidants as well as vitamins A and C. It is a good source of fiber, too. So, let's eat more fruits and veggies if we are to be healthy :-).

plums and apricots
and bananas, too :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Looking for Fitness Equipment?

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Few years ago, hubby and I decided to buy a fitness equipment at Sears thinking we would be using it for weight loss purposes. We used it pretty well for the first year, but stopped when we got occupied with the birth of our son. The treadmill is so huge that it takes fair amount of space in our house. When we moved from TX to VA and back again to TX, we took it with us because we still want to keep it for winter time. Oh well, this fitness equipment has been seating in the corner collecting dust together with the ab lounge! We plan of selling it through Craigslist since we now live where the walking trail is very accessible. I was wondering how much we would sell it for it is still on a mint condition. We paid over a thousand for it then. Hmmm, $300 might attract buyers, what do you think?

He Sleeps During the Day

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My husband has been working at a semi-conductor company for years now and never had a night shift schedule (graveyard) till we moved back here in Texas. He was rehired again by T.I. He has been working a for a yer now and still couldn't adjust to D shift. He couldn't sleep on daytime, and so he would be sleepy at work. I think it is time for him to take sleep pills so he can get a good rest and sleep in the morning when he gets home from work. He night not like it at first, but he has no choice for it is for his own good. I know how he feels for I've done that before. He needs to sleep and I have to step in to make that happen; just wondering which sleep pills is good for him. I used to take allergy medicine and it worked for me....maybe he need to try that first.

Diet Pills that Work!

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Almost everyone I know including myself are looking for diet pills that work. I am very confused with all the diet pills in the market today that claim they are the best and effective. Do they really think that people would try each one of them just to make sure which one of them is right? Well, sorry to tell you guys but I would never ever do that. I don't have enough money and patience for that kind of it might be bad for my health taking different diet pills. However, I am very much convinced that there is at least one diet pill that is best and effective. How I wished I know where or which is the right one diet pill for me.

Mung Bean is Good for You

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Mung bean is a type of lentils that is good for our health. My family and I love it so much. We eat it with rice and my son loves as well as the spinach I put into it. Saute mung bean is a Filipino foods which is prepared by soaking it with water before boiling it to make it tender and easier to cook. Hubby told me that when you eat mung bean soup with rice, it turned into a perfect meal rich in protein. Here is a photo of a mung bean dish I prepare for my family. I usually serve it wit stemaed whire rice and friend Tilapia or any fish like milkfish or bangus in Tagalog :)....yum!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flooded With Spam Emails

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The first thing I do when I seat in front of my computer is check emails, followed by blogs, and then Facebook. Talking about emails, it always annoys me to see many spam emails in my inbox. How in the world this people found our email address!? My inbox is flooded of spam such moving companies, car insurance companies, real estate agents, sweepstakes, lotto and more. Though we have blocked and placed them on spam folder, still the same companies and people keep on coming back! I just hope that there is a away to blocked these spammers for good. What about you? How do you stop these spammers from getting into your email account? Mind sharing it with me? Thanks.

Join Online Affiliate Program

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As a stay at home mom of a very active 5 year old boy, my time is consume watching after my son and hubby's need not to mention my part time job (blogging). Yup, I do blog for fun and money. I love it for not only I earn money but also met friends from all over the globe. Hubby sometimes gets jealous because during my free time, I just seat in front of my laptop updating blogs and finishing paid posts. But later on he understand that I am saving money for my parents overseas. Since we have postponed our trip to the Philippines this year due to our busy schedule, I plan on joining online affiliate program where it can boost the traffic on y six blogs as well as earn more. Being a stay at home mom is one thing I would never trade for the world. I get to stay at home with my son and earn at the same time. Great isn't it?

Trouble with Blogger

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I started having problem with blogger this morning; I keep getting error every time I made a comment, submit my post and and check other bloggers blogs. Is it just me experiencing it or all bloggers who use Blogger instead of WP? It is annoying and interferes with my tasks submission and stuffs like that. Blogger team, please do something about it before I decided to switch to WP. I have six blogs, please don't let me down and go.

For Adults T.V. Commercials

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I don't know about you guys, but when sleep wouldn't instead of laying on bed for hours, I would just get up and read book, sometimes I drink warm milk or even watch a late night movie till I feel sleepy. What about you? What do you do when you couldn't sleep at night ? Anyway, I noticed during late night t.v. shows, and movie most commercial they show are stuffs about drugs and sex related products like enzyte. Good thing that young kids are already asleep during those times. I wouldn't want my son to see those for adult t.v. commercial only; would you?

Skipping Meal is Bad for Health

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I know it is wrong to skip meal, but sometimes it is hard for me to avoid it. I have been very busy lately that I sometimes forgot to eat lunch or dinner especially when my husband is at work. I just couldn't stop working around the house. As I always say to my friends, I don't stop till I finish what I have started otherwise I would end up not being able to accomplish anything. It is bad for my health because when I finally eat, I feel like I haven't eaten in days! Now, I gained weight again. Time for me to take the diet pill called adipex. I read that this diet pill is very effective and safe. I better talk to my doctor if this is fine for me to take and that it will not interfere with the ,medications I take everyday.

Our New Abode

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Finally, I was able to post of our new abode on this blog; thanks hubby for downloading the pictures from our camera :-). Yes, this is our new home that was build for 45 days only. I was so amazed hoe fast they made it. We love it so much! We are now living here for almost a month now and we are still doing some interior painting in the living area, bedroom and will take awhile till we can finally say that we settled. We call it a blessing from God...He answered our prayers and knew our need even before we ask for it.

This house has two baths and three bedrooms with a very good size backyard for our son to run around and play in...I also have enough place to put a raise garden bed for my veggies and herbs :-)

My Acne is Gone

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Skin problem sometimes caused by not getting enough sleep, poor eating habit, hormones, age and many more. So, if you want your skin to be acne free, then you should take care of your health. And if all else fail, then it's time for you to put some acne medication. That is what I did when I had acne after my transplant. I am glad the medication my doctor prescribed me was very effective. In just few weeks, they are gone and my skin never had acne again. I didn't even finish the bottle of the acne medication and it is still in my medicine cabinet. Yes, that powerful :-)!

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