Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our New Abode

Posted by Cecile at 7/07/2010 07:27:00 PM
Finally, I was able to post of our new abode on this blog; thanks hubby for downloading the pictures from our camera :-). Yes, this is our new home that was build for 45 days only. I was so amazed hoe fast they made it. We love it so much! We are now living here for almost a month now and we are still doing some interior painting in the living area, bedroom and will take awhile till we can finally say that we settled. We call it a blessing from God...He answered our prayers and knew our need even before we ask for it.

This house has two baths and three bedrooms with a very good size backyard for our son to run around and play in...I also have enough place to put a raise garden bed for my veggies and herbs :-)


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