Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Like Surprises!

Posted by Cecile at 3/15/2012 07:40:00 PM
Three days from now would be my birthday. I just couldn't believe it! It feels like I had it celebrated with my son and hubby just a week ago. I am getting older, oh no! Anyway, funny but true, every year I forget my birthday, and if not for my husband's reminder I would have forgotten it again this year. I don't know why, but I feel like it would be nice if nobody remembers my birthday just for once. I just want to forget it even for once. But, I am pretty sure it will never happen because hubby always remembers it. He even asked me a couple of days ago what I'd like for my birthday (meaning gift). "I don't know" was my replied.  Okay, maybe I'd buy you a pair of Black diamond earrings. I said; really? Okay then I said laughing. I know he was just kidding :-).  He knows I am not a person who loves expensive jewelry. I told him "surprise me then for once, lol." I like surprises after all. Now, I an curious and excited for the gift he promised me.


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