Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Parents Health is Important to Me, too!

Posted by Cecile at 1/07/2012 12:26:00 AM
Yesterday I have found out that my mother was admitted to the hospital due to her so much coughing that led to no appetite, fever and weak body. I was very worried that I started praying for her a lot. I was in constant communication with my brothers who are taking care of her. Today, I learned that she is feeling much better now and is going home today. I thank God for the answered prayers. When it comes to health, I worry so much about my parents health than mine though I am sicker than they. They are getting old and is prone to sicknesses. I just wished that I am around them to take care of them personally, but I can't. I am million miles away from them; and I am grateful for my siblings are there to look after our parent's need. Health is one of the most important things I worry a lot...and so I make sure that they are taken care of even when I am away from them. Anyway, am glad that I could be of help for them financially and emotionally when they needed them most. Yes, I do love my folks so much!


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