Saturday, June 16, 2012

He Sure Can Dance!

Posted by Cecile at 6/16/2012 12:35:00 PM
I noticed that my son loves to dance. Every time he hears is favorite music on the internet especially on YouTube, he would start dancing. I must admit he dances pretty good. One time, I told him to join the talent show at school this coming school year, but he immediately said that he is shy. As a Mom it's my job to encourage and praise him not only to boost his self esteem, so he wouldn't not stop doing what he wanted to do. I really think, he has a talent to show and that he can dance.

Anyway, I don't want to force him if he doesn't want to, but I know he will come around and will decide someday to go and audition. And when that time comes, I can take him to a place like where they do a lot of "casting auditions" to discover new talents. I can also refer a friend who has a son who is really good in singing. This boy can sing I tell you. My friends needs to know first before going there to know "how to audition for singing."

I believe that parents support and encouragement play an important role in helping children develop their children's talents and abilities. Thanks also to such company like that makes it possible for the talents to be discovered.


Jerla Oh lalala on June 18, 2012 at 7:55 AM said...

was here revisiting :)

He's not only handsome but he has talent? wow! that is something :) if he dances well, he should go for casting to enhace it more. who knows he'll be the next Billy Joe or Gary V? hehehhehe. You are doing an excellent job momi ces, encouraging and supporting our child is what's important because it'll help their self-esteem.

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