Friday, July 6, 2012

The Convenieces Offer by Mailboxes

Posted by Cecile at 7/06/2012 05:22:00 PM
I have been living in United States for almost 12 years now and I am loving it. I have totally adjusted to my new way of live though it is completely opposite on the how I lived my life 11 years ago.With all the conveniences of modern technology  offers me as a wife and mother, I am not sure anymore whether I can go back to my old life back in the country where I was born and raised. I grew up in a country where everything is simple. Mailman delivers the mail the old fashioned way, no apartment complex, internet connection is very limited, they means of transportation is still the same (tricycles, buses, and trains. No wonder mails are received very slowly. To get the mail expedited, you will need to go to the nearby city, and pay expensive fees!

When I came to the U.S., my husband and I lived in an apartment for six months before we moved in to our first house. We got our mail through private mailboxes located in the apartment complex. I like the way they deliver the mail. It was safe and protected. I am pretty sure the manager/owner of the apartment complex got the private distribution mailboxes at auth florence  mailboxes direct. This company sells all kinds of mailboxes in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Anyway, though we now live in a house with our own choice of mailbox, I still feel that it is safe to use private distribution mailboxes for the mails are safe and protected. Nobody can get our mails, but us especially when we are away for days or so. As I browse in the website, I've found out that we can buy our own mailbox at auth florence for a fair price. I need to convince my husband to see if he will let me buy a new mailbox from this website. I am crossing my fingers with a hope that he would agree :-).


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