Thursday, June 7, 2012

On a Tight Budget

Posted by Cecile at 6/07/2012 09:25:00 PM
It's been awhile since a friend of us lost his job. He has three small kids to support, bills, house payments and credit cards to pay. His wife is working two jobs while studying at the same time. I feel sad for them. I wish we cam help them, but we have our own obligations, too. Anyway, they bought an old van for their growing family. Though the van is old, it was working great still and it was looking good, too. They probably looking now for a liability insurance quote they can afford. I am pretty sure there is an insurance company out there that will meet their vehicle's need. Car insurance with full coverage is not an option for them right now because of their tight budget. I am so glad they have a car now to use as they run errands, drop and pick their kids up to school and the like.


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