Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Seriously Need A Paperless Office Software

Posted by Cecile at 9/29/2011 05:03:00 PM
It would be nice if we have a paperless office software at home that way it would be easier for us to organize important documents we keep in the office drawers. the drawers are overflowing right now and I've got no place to store or keep them. Hubby did his best to make our office/master bedroom organized, but no luck. It's either we need an office or a paperless office software. I think the last one is the best option for it is less expensive than renovating our house, lol. Maybe, when he retires from work, we would have our own home office for our son would be out for college. J's room will be converted into an office. Now, I better tell hubby about the coolness of having a paperless office software home. I am certain he would agree....for it is indeed a "must" in our home.


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