Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celebrity Marriages

Posted by Cecile at 9/22/2011 07:15:00 PM
I know in my heart that celebrities are human, too. They have feeling and they get hurt sometimes. Sometimes the reason they get hurts is because of the media. And that is so sad and not healthy for them. I don't really watch a lot of movies for not all of the movies they make these days are not really good. It doesn't help us to live morally and in peace. I like those that teach values that doesn't offend God and us. Anyway, every once in a while, while waiting at the counter to pay for my groceries, I will glance at those magazines that talk about celebrities. I like it when I read someone getting married, celebrities that are still married and those that didn't succeed in their marriages. For, I think it is the choices we make depends whether our marriages succeed or not. But unfortunately, many celebrity couples ended on divorce :-(. Oh well, what can they do, right? The recent celebrity wedding news I' ve read was Reese Witherspoon's. I am so happy that finally, she found the guy who is right for her., plus her new husband is not a celebrity. I just hope that this time...would be the last time ...meaning their marriage would last a lifetime so they will all be happy. Now, if that happens...I can call it a healthy and happy marriage.


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