Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding Nurse Uniforms are Easy

Posted by Cecile at 9/29/2011 02:54:00 PM
The other day while I was at the mall with my husband, I did a little shopping myself while he was returning the necklace he bought me for our 10th wedding anniversary last week. I told him that I don't need that expensive necklace; plus I already have a necklace and I do not need another one. And so, we agreed on returning it and just getting myself something I would be able to use. What I did is shopped for  clothes I can use at church on Sundays. I got myself a couple of blouses and a t-shirt which only cost me under $40! It was a deal...I would have paid hundred bucks for the three of them if they are not on clearance sale. After I am done shopping, I met hubby at the fast food and have had our lunch there. While eating our lunch, I thought our son a new pair of sneaker....and so we looked around for a shoe store. Too bad I didn't find the shoe I want to him and so we looked and looked and looked but no luck. I wish finding kids shoes is easy as finding  nursing uniforms. Nursing uniforms are easy to find for they are like everywhere. They are so cute and inexpensive! Oh well, I guess I better check out the outlet mall near our place for J's shoes.


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