Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Are All Excited!

Posted by Cecile at 9/22/2011 07:27:00 PM
A friend of ours from Richardson, TX had made baby announcements about a week ago; and we are all thrilled! Finally, she is pregnant again after losing her third pregnancy almost four years ago. I just hope and pray that she would lose her baby this time. I know hard it is to lose a baby because I have lost mine first child while she was still inside my tummy. It was devastating. I am glad hubby and I were able to cope up with that great trial in our lives...and that God loves us that He even gave us a son whom we love and adore. These past few months, many babies in our ward have been borne healthy. I am happy for their parents. I just wish that we could have more children, but due to my health issue, my doctor advised us not o get pregnant again for it will be very risky both for me and the baby's life. And so we followed hi advised...and we are all happy!


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