Monday, September 27, 2010

Seasonal Allergy Attacks My Son

Posted by Cecile at 9/27/2010 10:01:00 PM
The much awaited season of the year after summer has finally arrived. The weather started to cool off and we are very excited to go outside play, work in the garden, walk around the lake and parks, go camping, and enjoy the fall season where colorful leaves fall off the tree and on to the ground. Everyone loves fall except the allergy that comes from pollen. My son every year suffers from allergy and there's nothing we can do about it, but give him allergy medicine for kids. My son coughs a lot and is having difficulty sleeping, while I suffer from laryngitis :-(; I still have horse voice and it's been over a week now since I woke up without voice. My husband on the other hand is still doing fine; no signs of allergy yet. Thank son's tonsil is not swollen yet from couching. I am crossing my fingers that it won't bother him again or else we have no choice but to remove it as his Pediatrician recommends :-).


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