Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashionable and Affordable Sunglasses

Posted by Cecile at 9/06/2010 03:44:00 PM
When I think about good health, it also means good eyesight. So, I not only watch my food intake, but also take care of my eyes. Being a diabetic person requires a lot of changes on the foods I eat. I can only eat small amount of foods rich in carbohydrates, and sugar. And when my blood sugar is really up, it can also affect my vision in the long run. So I limit my carbohydrates and sugar intake. Another thing I can take care of my eyes is to wear sunglasses and rest my eyes by limiting my time spend in front of computer.

Speaking of sunglasses, hubby and I have collected many sunglasses over years. Don't get me wrong but these sunglasses are inexpensive and therefore they break easily. I have been telling my husband that we need to stop buying cheap sunglasses for we are not rally saving money at all. I told him that we need to get each one a pair that will last a long time. Something expensive but durable. I think I know where to buy one. I saw this
julbo sunglasses (picture attached) online and fell in love with it. It looks fashionable, durable and affordable compare to other brand name sunglasses.


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