Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Couldn't Wait to Go to Disneyland!

Posted by Cecile at 4/17/2012 02:47:00 PM
A family friend of ours decided to go on Disneyland this summer and invited us to join them if we don't have any plans yet for summer. We would love to go with them, but we don't have enough saving for that trip. Yes, we would go there, but not till next year, hopefully. Not to mention that we already had our grand vacation for this year which had happened a couple of weeks ago. We thought they would still go without us, and so I did what she asked me to do which was find a great deal for disneyland tickets at dnticket.com. But last week, she mentioned again about that trip. I told her that we can not do it this year due to our tight budget. I encourage her that they should still go even without us. But I don't think she would like go still.
But hey, the disneyworld vacation is still in the #1 lists of the places we would like to go next year. My family and I plan on going there with my brother in-law who lives in North Carolina. It would be fun to be with them for we missis them a lot! Our kids would be very much happy for they haven't seen each other for almost a year now. I hope by then, we would be able to get/buy an affordable disneyworld/disneyland tickets for all of us. Oh,  I couldn't wait!


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