Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heat and Nose Bleed

Posted by Cecile at 4/21/2012 09:34:00 PM
The other night, my son woke up coughing. I told him to blow his nose which he did. In less than a minute I heard him crying. I asked him why, but I couldn't understand what he was saying and so I went to check on him in the bathroom and saw blood everywhere. I realized then that his nose was bleeding like crazy! I felt terrified but did show it to him otherwise he wouldn't stop crying. I explained to him that he is going to be fine and it will stop as soon as he pinch his nose and tilt his head back. I am glad he followed my advised, soon enough the bleeding stopped and so as his crying. Anyway, it has been hot here in this part of Texas and I feel like it is summer already. I was just hoping that summer this year wouldn't be as hot as last year so we would be able to enjoy summer and Jacob's birthday in July.


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