Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Specialty Stores for Tall Men

Posted by Cecile at 10/12/2011 10:04:00 AM
Shopping for a tall man’s clothes must be frustrating. Of course, I wouldn’t know since my husband is not that tall. But I’m seeing really tall guys, those who measure more than 7 feet tall and I had to wonder how they manage to find big and tall clothing. Do they have a tailor who creates custom made clothes for them? I’m actually thinking that that is the best option. But I did read somewhere that there are stores these days where one can buy clothing specifically for those endowed with much height.

That’s one provision that tall guys can be thankful for. Imagine they wouldn’t have to go through mishaps and difficulties when shopping for their clothes. Gone are the days when a really tall man would walk into a store with a huge smile on his face only to come out minutes later with utter disappointment written all over his face. Now, there are specialty stores where items being sold are just right for big guys. What’s more, these stores are usually equipped with all the necessary stuff to make sure that all measurements are accurate and to work on alterations when the need arises.


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