Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Best Option

Posted by Cecile at 10/12/2011 10:45:00 AM
About a month ago, my brother back home told me that his laptop's battery is worn out and needs a replacement. He asked me if I can buy a new battery for him. I said: I would gladly do that but he needs to wait till Christmas or December when I send the package for Mom and Dad. He said: No problem. The reason why he had to ask me for the battery is that he lives far away from the city and it 's kind of expensive for him to buy it himself. Good thing the he is using now is still working 'cause two more months is a long wait. Anyway, we do need rechargeable batteries and charger as well. Hubby and so play the wii games a lot using two controller; and so we can't afford to buy new batteries every time the batteries gone dead. I think that rechargeable batteries and and charger are our best option if we are to save money.


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