Monday, January 31, 2011

I Love Cyber Monday!

Posted by Cecile at 1/31/2011 01:38:00 PM
Today is a Parents/Teacher conference at my son's school which means no school today. So after the conference this morning around 9:30am (lasted about 25 minutes), we decided to go to Chuck E Cheeses instead of watching movie (Tangled) with our son. We had so much fun playing basketball and bowling that I actually sweat a lot as if I exercise for 30 minutes! Wow, this is a good way to enjoy while we bond with Jacob. Anyway, after that fun, we went shopping at Half Price Bookstore where I bought a board game (Cranium). I really like this game because it stimulates my brain and made me think more. Then went to JC Penney where it was like a Cyber Monday. They were having an 80% off for most of their stuffs. I bought myself a pair of shoes, two blouses, and a purse. My hubby got a t-shirt while my son got a boxer short. I really saved a lot with all the stuffs I have purchased today. Oh, how I love Cyber Monday!


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