Monday, January 3, 2011

Expensive Day!

Posted by Cecile at 1/03/2011 08:56:00 PM
We had a busy day today. First we went to mail the gifts for my brother in-laws and his family who didn't make it to our Christmas reunion due to flight cancellation. We were all heartbroken for we were all expecting them to join us on celebrating Christmas with the whole family. The, we shopped, dropped stuffs of at Goodwill. The thing that consumed most of our day was when we have our car oil changed. When they checked everything, they've found out that the brake was all worn out and it needs a replacement badly. We've got no choice but agreed to put a brembo brake. Though we got a $125 discount, we still paid $300+... indeed today was the most expensive day so far. Things happened unexpectedly and this is one of them. Oh well, this is important and we have to have it done or not at is our choice! We did the right thing for sure.


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