Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Having Fun with Friends

Posted by Cecile at 8/10/2010 04:05:00 PM
Yesterday, we got the chance to see the movie : Despicable Me with a friend and her son :-); Jake and Charles had a blast! It was a funny movie and we adults liked it, too. Jacob has been bugging me to see this movie for like two weeks and finally, yesterday his hard work paid :-). After the movie, we went to a friend's house and have a long chatted while eating some of the pulled pork sandwich while hubby watched movie on the TV and the boys were playing. We all have a great day. Marivic works at school and she would be back at work next week. Good thing we had a chance to get together and have fun. Anyway, we like her and her family because we get along so well...and have so much things in common and so as our boys. Next year if God permits, we plan on going to Disney World after the schools ends. That is going to be a big expenses so we need to save now if we are to go there. We haven't mention this plan with the boys yet...otherwise they would start bugging us :-). Before we ended the day, we went to get my prescription medicine at Walgreens and then went grocery shopping afterward. I also bought myself and Jake custom water bottles we can use when we go walking or riding our bikes in the morning for an exercise. Whew, it is so hot outside and we need to drink plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated. Taking about water, I started collecting urine for my lab test to morrow. I hope the tests would turned out to be alright so I don't need to worry about it.


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Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

I like that movie :) Different sya and hilarious. hehehe. Wow, disney! How I wish George could got there someday too. That will be a very exciting experience to your family Te Ces :)

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