Friday, August 27, 2010

My Son Suffers School Anxiety

Posted by Cecile at 8/27/2010 02:13:00 PM
At last the first week of school is over. It was a stressful week for me and my son. With the move to a new house, accompanied a new school, new teacher and new classmates for my son. For a six year old, this is an adjustment that is hard for him to bear. And so he was so scared to go to school and every morning was a struggle. He cried, clinged, made me promise to picked him up after school, sleepless night and tummy ached. I was so worried for him. I am glad that he did better today that yesterday. He said he had fun and is liking the school now. Anyway, as a mother who is worry sicked for his child who is suffering from anxiety, I did a lot of research on school anxiety and what we can do to help our son overcome it. In one article, I found peace knowing that this thing happens and is very normal. Within two weeks, he would be able to be back to his old self again. I also read about malignant Mesothelioma which is very common for those people who work at the construction sites, roads, and companies that manufacture or use asbestos. It is very sad to know that most of the affected workers are poor and couldn't afford to pay for hospital bills and even other medical expenses. I hope that the government will do something about this problem.


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