Sunday, September 30, 2012

Allergy, Please...Go Away!!!

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Normally, I don't get allergy. But this year I don't understand why I got it. It is terrible and I hate it. Headache, stuffy and runny nose complete with watery eyes. I feel like my body is draining. My husband on the other hand is allergy - free this year....hooray! Anyway, I figure I just need some rest and more water, but I was wrong. I obviously needs some kind of medicine to stop it. I need to phone my doctor to see what is the best allergy medicine for that will not contradict with other medications I am taking. It is hard to choose medicine to take since I take tons of medicines for my kidneys. I just wished this allergy will go away by itself, so there's no need for me to take additional medications. So tired with many medications...but I should be grateful for them. A lot of people need medicine and they couldn't afford to buy them. I am lucky to be blessed with health insurance that mostly covered my medicines and I shouldn't be complaining, lol.

Reputable Lawyer

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Getting a reliable, honest and a lawyer that can be trusted is not easy to find...well at least for my Aunt who has been with several lawyers. Why? I don't really know. She really is prone to lawsuits. Not that she gets in trouble, but some people try to sue her for something she didn't do, just because she has money and they try to take advantage of her. I feel so sorry for her, but there is nothing I can do. Maybe I can refer her to the office of dependable lawyers like the San Diego Class Action Lawyer. I am pretty sure they can help her with anything from personal injury, wrongful termination, or even employment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Does Coffee Helps Slowdown Alzheimer?

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I read an article that coffee is good for your health especially on old people who are worried about Alzheimer or even dementia. Even though, I don't drink coffee for religious reason, I still feel that coffee can help my parents slow the development of the two diseases when they drink coffee at least 2 cps a day. I was just wondering whether superior coffee would be a better choice. Or it really doesn't matter whether it is mild or strong. I don't really know. I think, I need to do more research on this one. For the meantime, my folks need to drink mild coffee just to be on the safe side. I don't want them to get lack of sleep because of the caffeine, you know!

Preparing for His Piano Lessons

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My son loves to play on his organ every weekend and told me on several occasions that he wanted to learn to play piano. And so, husband and talked about it and then decided to enroll him in a piano lesson early next year. We need to find a piano teacher and a reliable metronomes which is an  easy way to keep time. I have been reading a lot of reviews for a certain type of metronome, and so far there is one that I really like. Now, I know how much I need to save for this important tool he can use as we learns to play piano. O, I am so excited for him.

My Love for Interior Decorations

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One of my many passions aside from coking is 'interior decorating.' I love decorating our house as well as rearranging furniture. Sometimes, my husband gets tired of rearranging furniture because most of them are heavy. But, he can't complain about it, otherwise he'll get in trouble, lol. Anyway. though I so love interior decorating, I still find myself confuse which style of decor should I use. Would it be contemporary or rustic decor? Good thing, my husband and I agreed to go on contemporary or modern style or decor. I still like rustic decor, but maybe when our son no longer lives with us :-).

Living in Our Dream House

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When husband was looking for a job after getting laid of from his job, he basically searched for a possible job everywhere. He went for an interviews in several states. And while he was busy looking for a job, I was also busy looking for house to live in different sates including real estate in louisville ky in Kentucky.  Luckily, we found a house of our dream in the state where we now peacefully and happy live; and we couldn't ask for more. We love our newly built house with everything we wanted in it for including a fireplace, 9 foot ceiling, covered porch and of course a peaceful neighborhood in a countryside. We thank God for His bounteous blessings.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Always the Hardest Part of Shopping

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After a month long vacation, it’s time for my uncle to go home. He had a wonderful time spent with us and his other relatives. It has been a while since he came home for a vacation and he missed everyone. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Who knows when he will be back for another long vacation again. My uncle is a very busy person.

But before he flies, he had to get some more stuff for homecoming gifts to his friends and co-employees. My sister and I helped him bought some dried fruits. We got him some handmade accessories for women. What’s lacking are small treats for his male co-employees. To me, that’s always the hardest part of shopping. Well, for convenient reasons, might as well order some cigars at That will save us time.

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