Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Addition to My Collections

Posted by Cecile at 2/06/2012 01:04:00 AM
Aside from my passion for branded name purses ans perfumes, I also love watches. I know it is not a good hobby, but I only buy these kind of stuffs when I have saved for them. I don't use credit card for it is only for emergency use; and that is the reason why we hardly have credit card debt. Anyway, hubby bought me 4 watches already as gifts. On for my birthday, one for Valentine's Day, Two of them were from Christmas. He hasn't given me a watch yet for our anniversary, maybe I'll ask her for a titanium watch my friends and I saw at the mall when we went shopping last week. I hope by then the price would be lower so hubby would get it for me without any fuss, lol. That watch was very nice and elegant looking. I would love to add it on my watch collections.


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