Monday, March 26, 2012

Model Plane Kit for Jacob

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Every once in a while, I see some model cars  in a specialty store and I can help but admire it. My son loves model cars and he never fail to ask for one every time we are at that store. Because I always give in to his request, he now have collection of it at home. I couldn't even count in my fingers. I wish there are model planes, too that way he can have new toys to collect and enjoy. It would be fun seeing him makes model planes using the kit I will find at that store one day. See, I think I am more excited than him, lol. I better start looking for model planes online. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it in time for his birthday in July.

A Perfect Gift for My Mom

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My mother's birthday is coming very soon. Two more months and it would her birthday. I still don't know what to give her for a gift. She doesn't like clothes that much, make up and electronic gadgets. There are three things she likes the best and they are sandals, jewelry, and vitamins. With the three, I lean more on jewelry. That's right! Now, I need to find a jewelry store that does a "design your own mother's ring" jewelry. I bet my Mom will going to like it. I still have plenty of time to buy this perfect gift for her birthday. A customize necklace or a ring is what I want for her. I don't care if it would cost me a little bit more, but It is worth the money because it is for my Mom, the best mother in the universe. I love you, Mom and I miss you, too!

Not In the Plus Size Section!

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Healthwise, I can say that I am no longer a healthy person. The last time I remember I had a healthy and body and desirable weight was 11 years ago. I was still single back then. I have been married almost 11 years ago and have gained 50 pounds already :-(.  I no longer work outside home and that is one factor behind my overweight body. Next, is my love for cooking. Yes, I cook a lot and ate a lot, too! What can I say, we are a family of three who love to eat! Bad habit I supposed. Anyway, If I'll be invited to a cocktail party, sad to say but I will need to find an evening gown/ dress in the plus size evening gowns section. That is the last clothes section I would want to be. I really need to seriously consider losing weight otherwise I'll find myself shopping at the big and tall (women section) section of the department store.

I Am Sicked and Tired of Allergy

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I have been living in Texas for almost 11 years now and so far, I only had bad allergy one time. I guess I am not that prone to allergy. My husband and son on the other hand both suffer from bad allergy each year. We tried several allergy medications for them, but only a couple of this medicines worked. Administering medications when sick is not my cup of tea, that is why we try the best we could to stay away from it. I think it's time for us to find an allergy doctor just like the austin tx allergy doctor if we really want to treat this allergy. I am so tired watching my son having trouble sleeping because his allergy prevents him from getting a goodnight rest and sleep. And as a mother I always wish that I can take away the pain he feels every time.But it is impossible, we have no choice but to contact an allergy specialist.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trade Show Booths Display

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Few years ago, hubby and I went to a trade show in Grapevine, TX. It was my first time to see such a big trade show and I was amazed. There are lots and lots of trade show booths selling different kind of stuffs. It was interesting how people decorated their tables using table skirts. What I like about the table skirt is that its velcro attach around the the skirt, thus making it easier to place the table skirt on the top of the table.
Anyway, if you are looking for pipe and drape, table skirt, and banner stands you need to visit the links provided here. This company sells these items for an affordable price. Whether you are preparing for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or for a trade shows they have everything you need. Their table skirt comes in different sizes and colors. Their banner stands are very useful. You can even use it if you want to raise a flag during Memorial day, President's day and etc. It can be use outdoor and indoors. You can use pipe and drape for privacy during your meeting, or a divider during trade shows and even control crowds when needed.
So, check the links here if you are interested. You'll find more items you needed for your trade show booths, parties and organization you belong to.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Like Surprises!

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Three days from now would be my birthday. I just couldn't believe it! It feels like I had it celebrated with my son and hubby just a week ago. I am getting older, oh no! Anyway, funny but true, every year I forget my birthday, and if not for my husband's reminder I would have forgotten it again this year. I don't know why, but I feel like it would be nice if nobody remembers my birthday just for once. I just want to forget it even for once. But, I am pretty sure it will never happen because hubby always remembers it. He even asked me a couple of days ago what I'd like for my birthday (meaning gift). "I don't know" was my replied.  Okay, maybe I'd buy you a pair of Black diamond earrings. I said; really? Okay then I said laughing. I know he was just kidding :-).  He knows I am not a person who loves expensive jewelry. I told him "surprise me then for once, lol." I like surprises after all. Now, I an curious and excited for the gift he promised me.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Really One Option

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Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan
There was really only one option when it came to my internet when I started looking into clear caldwell. It’s been really nice having convenient internet since I started back classes because it’s much easier to get online and do my homework than it is to have to use pen and paper like some of my classmates. I think it’s amazing there’s so many options for technology but at the end of the day I’m all about the easiest, most convenient option. Technology is my friend but you know, there’s something to be said for not having to do things the long way – I really feel bad for the classmates of mine who are more interested in doing things the ‘old school’ way because they think it’s got some kind of integrity behind it…I’d rather spend my time learning than trying to find my notebook from the night before. I can’t believe there are so many different viewpoints on something as simple as technology!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Discounts on Musical Instruments and Accessories

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"Music is the mirror of our soul" as they say, and I agree with that. With the right choice of music to listen to, you feel better, relax, comforted, peaceful and in love :-).  My love for music started when I was in grade school. I sang a lot and listen to good music a lot, too! Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to join the choir in my younger years, but joined the choir later on at church where I belong now. Just the sound coming from different musical instruments gladden my heart. It made me feel like learning to play guitar, piano and even banjo. It wasn't too late for me to learn, but for now, I'll leave it to my son.

Husband and I love the sound of banjo and so he bought one, and a guitar, too online during President's Day  sale where held the  President's Day - 15% off a single item $199+ . I think it was a great deal. So, if you are looking for musical instruments like electric guitar,  drum set with cymblas, led light bar and effects system and more.  I tell you, this President's Day - 15% off a single item $199+ is not going to you hurry up before this sale ends. You are going to save more if you buy more on top of the free shipping they offer. For those who are members of a band or just forming a new one, this website is a place to shop. You'll find everything you need for cheaper price and big discount.

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